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The Thrilling Experience of a MiG Flight Over Moscow

When traveling through Moscow and taking in the sights and history of the city, one might want to look towards the skies every now and then, as there could be a MiG fighter jet overhead, carrying a very excited passenger. MiG flights have become a very popular attraction in Russia, giving ordinary people the chance to enjoy an extraordinary experience. Being able to fly over Moscow in a MiG-29 will most certainly be one of the highlights of anyone’s trip.

There are a few tour operators in Russia that are able to arrange this experience of a lifetime and most work together with the Sokol Aircraft Building Plant in Nizhny Novgorod, where the legendary MiG aircraft are manufactured and supplied to countries across the world. Here, only the most professional and experienced pilots are employed to test the aircraft, and it is these pilots that are given the responsibility of taking visitors on their adrenalin inducing journeys through the sky.

In Russia, a medical examination is required before training commences to ensure that the flight will be safe for the passenger. The minimum age requirement is eighteen, with a maximum height allowance of 2,10 meters and a maximum of between a hundred and ten and a hundred and twenty kilograms. Pre-flight training is compulsory and emergency ejection procedures and drills are done, including the fitting of the height oxygen flight gear.

The MiG flights are performed according to the visitors’ choice of package, of which there are a couple to choose from - from breaking the sound barrier to being propelled straight up in the sky until the curvature of the earth is visible. The MiG-29 and MiG-31 aircraft are the popular preference of most adventurists, but other aircraft such as the MiG-25, the MiG-23, SU-30 and L-39 which are used for aerial maneuvers and tricks, are available.

Through advance booking, these extreme adventure operators will organize flights from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod, accommodation and transfers from the hotel to the airstrip and back. Each “co-pilot” will receive a certificate of their flight, stating altitude, speed and the proof needed to show friends and family back home, of their magnificent high speed exploits. MiG flights are the ideal way to end a perfect holiday, or to fulfill a dream that is impossible for most to achieve.


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