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The Wonderful Healing Powers of the Shumak Springs

The famous therapeutic Shumak Springs are located more than 1500 meters above sea level on the banks of the Shumak River in Eastern Siberia, Russia. The Shumak Springs have for many years enjoyed the reputation of having incredible curative qualities said to give relief to those suffering from a number of ailments including diabetes, circulatory and nervous system disorders, upper respiratory tract, digestive tract and liver diseases. More that one hundred springs are located in the Shumak River area, many of them with different mineral structures and, therefore, different potential health benefits.

According to a popular legend, a hunter wounded a reindeer and then followed it a long way until he found it lying, close to death, in a pool of mud. Suddenly the reindeer jumped up and ran away, seemingly perfectly healthy, and this is how the healing power of the Shumak Springs was discovered.

Getting to the Shumak Springs is an adventure in itself as this 100 kilometer journey through the Shumak mountain pass can only be done by hiking or on horse-back. The Shumak trail starts at the health spa village of Nilova Pustin and passes the beautiful post-glacial Khubuty lakes to the watershed area of the Ekhe-Ger River before entering the Eastern Sayan mountain range. The Shumak Pass reaches a height of 2850 meters above sea level as it winds through alpine meadows past areas of breath-taking beauty, such as the 40 meter Shumak waterfall. At Shumak Springs visitors will enjoy bathing and relaxing in the mineral springs, as well as enjoying the spectacular scenery of the area.

From September through to May the mountain pass is covered in snow and the Shumak Springs are deserted. During the rest of the year the valley has a pleasant climate and warm ground, which encourages the growth of some very rare plants including ladies-slipper and rattlesnake fern. Due to the springs bubbling out of the surfaces along the river banks, the water is highly mineralized with excess salts resulting in tuff – a type of porous rock. Signs about the curative properties of the springs, written in an ancient Mongolian language, have been found in the area.

The Shumak Springs of Siberia, Russia, are clearly unique and visitors are sure to benefit from the therapeutic effects of the mineral springs and the clear mountain air, while enjoying the beauty of the pristine surroundings.


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