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Theme Park Coming to Russia

The Russian government has been channeling funds into various regions of the country to develop the tourism industry, but as yet Kaliningrad has been overlooked. Recently the news that a Disneyland theme park will be developed here has the entire region stirring with excitement. The proposal, which was put together by Governor Nikolai Tsukanov, has been approved by President Dmitry Medvedev, opening the door to the construction of the largest theme park in the country.

The first Disneyland was constructed in the United States of America in the year 1955. It was a park that brought all the Disney characters to life, offering children and adults the opportunity to enjoy a fairytale land filled with rides and wonderful places to explore, as well as interaction with the Disney characters. Other Disneylands were constructed in destinations such as Hong Kong and Tokyo, and in 1992, a Disneyland was opened near the city of Paris, which has approximately eighteen million visitors each year. The biggest Disneyland theme park outside the borders of the United States is being opened 2016 in Shanghai, where sixty-seven hectares has been set aside.

The Disneyland in Kaliningrad will be the second of its kind in Europe. Press-Secretary of the Regional Administration, Inna Moreva, commented that the region relied on its mild climate, its fascinating history and attractions, as well as its closeness to Europe to develop its tourism industry. Looking at new developments and modern facilities, such as Disneyland, is an exciting new way to improve their tourism infrastructure. She went on to say that offering an attraction that can accommodate both adults and children will assisting in drawing even more visitors to the region.

It is hoped that constructing a Disneyland in the Kaliningrad region, of which they are looking at Amber Land as a possible location, will not only attract visitors in Russia to the region, but also bring foreign visitors from nearby countries to Kaliningrad.


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