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Tour Museum Panorama “Borodino-Battle”

The determination of the Russian military and their strategic action led to the downfall of Napoleon in Russia. It is known as the 1812 Patriotic War and the Borodino Battle has become legendary in the history of the country, as it marked the so called beginning of the end for Napoleon. And the only site in Russia that pays full tribute to this war is the Museum Panorama “Borodino Battle”. The museum and the surrounding monuments are a reminder to this war and the heroic people who contributed to its success.

The Museum Panorama “Borodino Battle” was constructed on the site of a log hut, in the village of Fili that once existed here, where the war council meetings were held to discuss military strategies. It was built in 1912 and has become the centre of the memorial complex. One of the most magnificent pieces of the museum is the unnamed painting by Franz Roubaut that depicts the Borodino Battle in breathtaking detail and is fifteen meters in height and a hundred and fifteen meters in length. It is a spectacular work of art that was painted in the same year the museum was constructed.

Other paintings and exhibits in regard to the war have been collected over the years and are displayed in the museum, and visitors will be able to enjoy the museum with the assistance of recorded guides that are available in German, English and French.

M.I. Kutuzov played a major role in the battle and reminders of his bravery can be seen in the bronze bust of Kutuzov that is in front of the museum building, as well as an equestrian statue of him on top of the Heroes Monument that was erected in 1973. Surrounding the museum are other memorials to the war, such as the 1834 Arc of Triumph and the common grave of an estimated three hundred Russian soldiers which is marked by an obelisk.

Walking through the Museum Panorama “Borodino Battle”, and the many other tributes to the Patriotic War and the men who laid down their lives, will give visitors valuable insight into the history of Russia and this historic battle.


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