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Travel Opportunities to Make Money in Russia

Russia is full of inbound travel opportunities which can make money for people on both sides of a group travel arrangement. The Iron Curtain years of the Soviet Union have only whetted our appetite for rich Russian culture. This vast country has a plethora of natural and historical attractions which few other travel destinations can match. The cost of living remains comparatively low even as the local population re-learns the joys and ways of how to make money in the 21st century world.

Russians are natural entrepreneurs, and significant numbers in Moscow and in other parts of money have started to make money in handsome amounts. Some of the new disposable income has opportunities for outbound travel. Many Russians with appreciable incomes yearn to travel abroad to shop and to enjoy themselves. This segment of Russians offer opportunities to people in the West to make money, for there is a strong demand for tour and escort services. Many Russians who now travel abroad value local guides who know English, and who can offer comprehensive service, and make money in the bargain!

The opportunities to make money from group travel to and from Russia come with responsibilities and requirements. You must have a network of local contacts to arrange airport reception, local transfers, accommodation and sight-seeing and shopping trips. The chances to make money are much better if you have a reliable partner at the other end of the chain, with resources similar to your own. This enables you to participate in both inbound and outbound tours. The infrastructure you build to receive groups from Russia, and to send groups there, need to be covered by heavy and regular bookings if you are to make money out of the enterprise.


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