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Tverskaya Ulitsa – The Merging of Old and New

Tverskaya Ulitsa is the main road of Moscow, and one of the most popular shopping districts for both locals and tourists. Not only do the boutiques and shops keep tourists busy while exploring Tverskaya Ulitsa, but it is a street that is lined with historical buildings, entertainment and attractions. It is where the bustle, excitement and magnificence of Moscow can be found in one street. What began as a winding standard road to exit the city many centuries ago, has evolved into a street that has taken on a life of its own, growing in importance and grandeur.

Starting as an exit road in medieval times, the road began to flourish as a trade road, with facilities being constructed along the road to accommodate travelers. Small inns, pubs, blacksmiths and food stalls sprang up as traffic along the road increased to Novgorod and Tver, and later to St. Petersburg after the road was extended in 1713. The wooden road, approximately fifteen meters wide, later welcomed churches and two monasteries, and in 1930 the decision to widen the road was made. The widening of the road saw a few of the original buildings demolished or moved to make room for the massive project. And today, some of these buildings still stand as attractions, as reminders of the history and progress of Moscow and Russia as a country.

Some of the noteworthy buildings include the National Hotel, which was constructed in 1903, the ten storey Moskya Hotel that was once home to the Council of People’s Commissars and the magnificent 17th century palace, which survived the demolition to construct the Moskya Hotel building. One of the popular attractions in Tverskaya Ulitsa is the Meyerhold Apartment Museum, where visitors will be educated on the brilliant Vsevolod Meyerhold and the stuggles faced by actors, directors and people of the arts during the Stalinist era. The Yermolova Theatre is also worth a visit, as is the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre, MKhAt Museum, the Chekhov statue, the 1926 Central Telegraph Office, the Yuri Dolgorukiy equestrian statue and Mayor’s Office.

Visitors will find many restaurants and cafés to choose from along Tverskaya Ulitsa, including Café Pushkin, American Bar and Grill, Coffeehouse, Brioche, Donna Klara, Coffee Bean, Café de Artistes, Bavarius and Café Margarita. Tverskaya Ulitsa offers more than just shopping, wonderful rest areas and sites, but a mixture of transformation, history, modernization and the splendor of a royal Russia.


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