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Ulyanovsk – A Fantastic Tourist Destination

The city of Ulyanovsk is the administrative center of the Ulyanovsk region, and is located on the Volga River, just east from the capital of Russia, Moscow. It is of great historical importance to Russia, even though many of its buildings and reminders of the past were destroyed during the Soviet era. It is a city where various different nationalities have been able to live in peace with each other, learning to show respect and tolerance towards others. Life in Ulyanovsk has been this way for centuries, and has kept its atmosphere of tranquility and patience.

Ulyanovsk is famous for being the birthplace of Vladimir Lenin, but was originally established as a fortress town in 1648. It only later became synonymous with famous Russians. With Russia continually increasing its land, most parts of the country were under threat by the Nogais, a nomadic tribe. Ulyanovsk, then known as Simbirsk, was to be a military point for the region, but as its importance as a foothold declined it started to grow as a town. It soon started to flourish and attract more permanent residents, until it was given city status in the year 1796. In the year 1924, Simbirsk was renamed to Ulyanovsk, and it became the capital of the region in 1943.

The wooden walls that once protected the city are no longer visible and the Holy Trinity Cathedral that was constructed during 1827 to 1841 is in desperate need of renovation, to preserve the heritage of this city. All that remains in tact from its historical past are the homes that were once occupied by Lenin, built between 1870 and 1887. There are a couple of reminders of people such as Ivan Goncharov (writer), Nikolai Karamzin (historian), Alexander Kerensky (revolutionary leader) and Yusuf Akcura (nationalist).

Today, the population of Ulyanovsk is approximately 635 thousand and the city has become a popular tourist attraction because of its magnificent lakes, forests, mountains and breathtaking landscapes. As an industry leader, the city produces glass products, mineral water, oil shale and clay aggregate. It is also home to Avistar-SP airplane plant that builds aircraft and airplanes, such as the An-124 Ruslan, and the UAZ automobile manufacturing plant. The 31st Airborne Brigade of the Russian Air Force is located here and the city has two airports, namely the Ulyanovsk Baratayevka Airport and the Ulyanovsk Vostochny Airport.

The railway bridge that was constructed between the years 1912 to 1916, which now has two lanes for road traffic, connects the two sides of the city across the Volga River. A second bridge has been under construction for years to relieve this bridge of traffic, as it is the only bridge over the river that exists at this time. At night, visitors to the city can either relax in the local nightclubs or grab a bite to eat in one of the restaurants, of which Café Pyramida has been said to be the best in the city. Ulyanovsk is a magnificent city and a beautiful region. Visitors will find it to have a balanced mix of tourist attractions, a fascinating history and breathtaking natural splendor.


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