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Visit the Marine Reserve on Peter the Great Bay

Dalnevostochny Morskoy Zapovednik, located in the sparkling turquoise waters of Peter the Great Bay on the coast of Primorski Krai, was the first of Russia's nature reserves created with the goal of protecting marine ecosystems. The unique underwater conditions of this spectacularly beautiful area host a wealth of invertebrates, as well as both cold and warm water fish species and marine mammals that are attracted by the abundance of algae. This underwater biodiversity is made possible by the convergence of cold and warm ocean currents at this point, along with the rugged terrain of the ocean floor and shoreline.

Masses of multi-colored starfish and sea anemones, along with oddly shaped sea squirts, reside in the waters of the Dalnevostochny Morskoy Zapovednik (Far East Marine Nature Reserve). Giant octopi, which are able to change color to blend in with their surroundings, catch unsuspecting crabs and bottom-feeding fish with the suction cups on their far-reaching tentacles. There are an estimated more than 2,000 marine invertebrate species in this protected marine reserve. Favored foods of seals and seabirds, oysters and mussels cling to the rocks.

More than 278 fish species are found in these waters, some of which are seasonal, arriving and departing with the change of seasons. Seals breed on protected islands in the bay, which are home to tens of thousands of birds from more than 360 species, including three species of cormorants, red-throated and Arctic loons, thin-billed murres, thick-billed murres, spectacled guillemots, Chinese egrets and rare crested shelducks. Along the shoreline are dense forests of pine trees and rhododendrons, along with up to 900 different plant species. This lush area is home to Siberian polecats, Sika deer, foxes and wildcats.

On Popov Island is a visitor's center offering information on the routes developed for tourists to get the most out of a visit to this beautiful natural region of Russia. Enjoy!


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