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Visiting Yoshkar-Ola

Located approximately eight hundred kilometers from the city of Moscow, Yoshkar-Ola is the capital city of the Mari El Republic. It is a very small city, with its most recent census calculating that the population is approximately 280 thousand. With the fall of the Soviet Union, the city lost many of its manufacturing and production activity, and is now known to be a major center for shuttle traders. There is, however, a number of fascinating attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy, making Yoshkar-Ola quite a popular destination.

One of the best known attractions in Yoshkar-Ola is the city’s Botanical Garden. It was established in the year 1939, and was known at the Dendrological Garden. The garden’s name was eventually changed to Botanical Garden in 1989, and covers an area of just over 72 hectares. The main purpose of the Botanical Gardens is for educational purposes, and many students visit that garden for their studies. Scientific research is also performed here, as well productive projects to conserve the future of the plants that are found in the garden. Visitors will be able to marvel and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the garden outdoors, and inside the greenhouse.

Other noteworthy attractions for visitors to enjoy include the Gargarin Monument, Museum of S.G. Chavin, Museum of N.S. Mukhin, Historical Museum of Yoshkar-Ola, Museum of Local Lore, Central Park, Puppet Theater, Voznesenskiy Church, Mari National Theater, Troitskiy Church, Yoshkar-Ola Bazaars and the Russian Drama Theater. Interestingly, the Mari National Theater was named in honor of M. Shketan, while G. Konstantinov influenced the naming of the Russian Drama Theater. There is also a base for the Strategic Rocket Forces situated in close proximity to the city.

There are various transportation options available to visitors to get to the city and for exploring the attractions of Yoshkar-Ola. Buses and trains are the most popular form of transport from cities such as Moscow and Kazan, as well as within the city limits. Visitors will also be able to make use of the bustling trolley routes, taxis and marshrutkas. Yoshkar-Ola Airport lies nine kilometers outside of the city, and deals mostly with air traffic to and from Moscow.


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