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Vladimir Arsenyev Museum for Krai Regional Studies

The Vladimir Arsenyev Museum for Krai Regional Studies, also known as the Vladimir Arsenyev Primorsky State Joint Museum, was opened in 1890 and was renamed after one of the greatest explorers and writers to have lived in Russia, Vladimir Arsenyev. Located on Svetlanskaya Street in Vladivostok, the Vladimir Arsenyev Museum for Krai Regional Studies has become a popular attraction in the city and brings honor to a man who was curious to explore new regions, discover the magnificence of wildlife, educate the public on the wonder of nature and bring his adventures to life in the pages of his books.

Vladimir Arsenyev was born in St Petersburg on 10 September 1872, and took to a life of adventure and exploration after completing his military education during 1902 to 1907. While in the military he became acquainted with a native hunter by the name of Dersu Uzala, with whom he traveled the Ussuri basin. These journeys were later recalled in a book he wrote of the wonders that he and his guide discovered together. He later settled in Vladivostok and wrote books on wildlife, geography and his vast explorations of the Far East, for which he became famous. At the age of fifty-seven, in 1930, Arsenyev passed away and left behind a great legacy as a writer and explorer. Not only was the Vladimir Arsenyev Primorsky State Joined Museum named after him, but also the town of Arsenyev that is in the Primorsky Krai.

Visitors to the Vladimir Arsenyev Museum for Krai Regional Studies can look forward to a host of exhibits and fascinating displays that are spread out across the two hundred and thirty square feet of exhibition halls. The archives of the museum alone have an extensive collection of more than two hundred thousand items, allowing the museum to change their exhibits frequently. Some of the exhibits include herbariums, scientific material, endangered animals, archeology, the first settlers, the historical artifacts, art and the popular attraction of the World War II rocket gun katyusha.

Guided tours and excursions can be arranged by the museum. Once visitors to the museum have completed their walk through the interesting and magnificent exhibits, they are welcome to visit the collector’s store and the souvenir shop to take home a few gifts and items to remember their outing by. The more than three hundred thousand visitors to the museum each year, confirms its popularity with both locals and visitors, and it is definitely an attraction in Russia worth visiting.


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