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Yaroslavl Oblast: In Honor of a Mouse!

It is only natural for a national capital to be the best known princess, though many of her neighbors and sisters may be more alluring: so it is with Myshkin, a historic place, and a great center of culture, in the Yaroslavl Oblast due North East of the Moscow province.

The name of this serene and picturesque town is drawn from the local word for a mouse, and legend has it that such a humble animal saved a noble person at the site where this urban settlement has grown.

Myshkin has the gorgeous Volga for company, and they add to each other’s grace in ethereal manner. Catherine II granted Myshkin the coveted status of a city only towards the end of the 18th century, though the Oblast or province of Yaroslavl has been inhabited since at least the early 13th century.

One of the greatest pleasures of visiting Myshkin as a tourist is the journey. It is simply enchanting to sail down the Volga, not just for the novelty of the elegant craft, but because of the breathtaking sights of magical countryside. Unfortunately, most cruise operators are rushed to complete their itineraries, and to return to Moscow, for the beguiling ambience of Myshkin will surely make you wish that you could spend more time in its pastoral bosom.

This quaint town is set amidst lush pine forests and the local architecture of chapels and museums blends almost seamlessly with the surrounding majesty of nature. You cannot help feeling a sense of restful peace as you step off the river bank, and stroll amidst the friendly local populace.

Myshkin does full justice to the essential Russian reputation for museums with incredible collections, but this town makes no pretense to hide the origins of its name, and has a gallery entirely dedicated to the rodent species! The town has no less than three theatres, so you must insist that your operator builds a show in to your agenda. Many tourists will feel their spirits uplifted on learning that Myshkin also has a museum of Russian Vodka, in honor of famous past residents whose family name adorns a much loved international brand of the clear but powerful fluid!


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