Explore Central Russia

Interestingly the Central region of Russia is not in the center of the Russian land mass as one might presume, but rather in the extreme West of Russia, in what might be called the center of historic Russia. Central Russia is made up of many cities and towns, the most well known being Moscow.

The Central Economic Region has many treats to offer the discerning traveler. You can visit the Kremlin, Red Square, The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, The Tretyakov Gallery and The Novodevichy Monastery - each a feast for the eyes. There are a lot of other things to see here too, and if you'd like to spend time in a few different cities in this region, the Golden Circle is a trip worth taking.

The amazing city of Moscow has a series of circles which radiate outwards from the Kremlin. One of these circles is called the Garden Ring which is where many famous sights are situated. The Kremlin itself is a magnificent walled structure which dates back to the founding of the city in 1147 and it was the seat of government for many years.

The Red Square was originally a marketplace, but more recently has been used for parades. The nearby St. Basil's Cathedral carries the signature domed roofs of Russia and is perhaps the most famous Russian image. The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts has an impressive collection of art from all ages - Egyptian right through to 20th century art. Much of the art is from notable artists and the collection is definitely a gem in Russia's crown.

Most of the Central region can be traveled with relative ease as it is a well developed area. There are trains, buses and airplanes available for this purpose. You can also walk between sights quite easily if you have the time. The above mentioned attractions are only a small snippet of what is on offer here. The rest of the Central Economic Region of Russia is also well worth seeing.


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