Journey to the Historical City of Ivanovo

The city of Ivanovo, with an estimated population of over 430,000, is the administrative centre of Ivanono Oblast, Russia. Situated halfway between Kostroma and Vladimir on the banks of the Uvod River, this large industrialized city is well known for its textile industry, which employs a large number of the population.

The large village of Ivanovo was first mentioned in Russian archives in 1561. The inhabitants of the village were involved in fishing, hunting and trading, but their main occupation was the weaving of cloth. In 1741 a textile manufacturing plant was built by a local peasant, signaling the beginning of an industry that has earned a reputation for fine fabrics exported as far as England. With the majority of the textile industry workers being women, the city jokingly came to be known as the “City of Brides”.

The city of Ivanovo was created by the merging the of textile producing village of Ivanovo with the industrial settlement of Voznsensky Posad in 1871. Until 1932, the official name for the settlement was Ivanovo-Voznesensk. By the early 20th century Ivanovo competed with Lódz, also in Russia, for title of the main textile production centre in Europe. Due to unsatisfactory working conditions of the textile workers in Ivanovo, however, the industry was subject to many strikes.

For the history-lover there are many relics of the Soviet times as well as impressive mosaics to be found in the city, mainly in the architecture of the buildings that are in everyday use. Numerous restaurants, cafés and hotels that are worth visiting can be found on Lenina Street in the centre of the city.

If you have time to make the trip, the village of Palekh is worth seeing. It is situated about 60 kilometers east of Ivanovo in the direction of Nizhny Novgorod. This ancient village dates back to the eighth century when there were Finn-Ugor’s tribes settled in the area. From the 18th century, Palekh gained fame for the skilfully painted icons, embroideries and fretworks that were made by the inhabitants.

The Russian Military Airbase of Ivanovo Severny is situated about six kilometres north of Ivanovo. With numerous hangars and significant tarmac space, Ivanovo Severny is considered to be one of the largest military airlift bases in Russia. The civilian airport that serves the city is called Ivanovo Yuzhny Airport.

Ivanovo is an interesting town to stop off in when you are traveling in the Golden Ring of Russia.


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William - 2010-02-06 16:12:03

Do what I did . Get off your ass and go to Ivanovo . I would advise paying for a taxi from Moscow airport to Ivanovo . The bus is crowded and took a long time .

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Tony Casperson - 2009-11-29 19:44:15

I have a special friend that lives in Ivanovo thatI would love to be with.How do I go about doing this?I live in the US and would love to be with this person no matter what I have to do.Thank you,Tony.

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