Moscow's Gorky Park - Great Fun for the Whole Family

If you’re looking for something fun to do whilst visiting the fabulous Russian city of Moscow, Gorky Park is a great place to go. Named after the Russian author and political activist Maxim Gorky this great amusement park was opened in 1928. The park is located at Krymsky Val and was created by merging the gardens of the Neskuchny Palace and the old Golitsyn Hospital. It was originally called the Park of Culture and Rest and it covers an area of some 300 acres at a great riverside location – adding to the park's beauty.

Most visitors will be familiar with the name ‘Gorky Park’, long before they even set foot in Moscow. This is largely due to the literary work of Martin Cruz Smith who wrote a book named Gorky Park. The book became a best seller and was also made into a movie. Thus, though we may never have seen the movie, most of us have at least heard of Gorky Park.

Gorky Park is primarily a place of fun and entertainment and it features a variety of play areas for children, fun fairs and rides. One such ride is the enormous Ferris wheel which dominates the park while a popular attraction is one of the test units used in the Buran space shuttle program. This little ride gives children the an idea of what it would be like to take part in a space program and it no doubt gives rise many day dreams of becoming a cosmonaut. In summer, the adjoining river is used as a starting point for cruises through the centre of the city as visitors make their way to the jetty nearby to board the hydrofoils and small boats which await them. During the winter months, the park takes on a different face as footpaths flood and freeze over. This gives visitors the chance to enjoy ice-skating at their favorite recreational attraction and adds a new dimension to the park. In February the park hosts the annual Festival of Ice Sculpture – a true feast for the eyes.

So if you are visiting Moscow, Russia, don’t forget to visit Gorky Park. You can reach the park by train from the Park Kultury Metro Station and you will find that entrance to the park is free except on National Russian holidays. Gorky Park is open daily and is a must-see attraction.


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