Moskva Hotel - Combining Styles

The Moskva Hotel came into being during the civil war, when the decision was made to build the biggest hotel in Russia. Located in Moscow, the Moskva Hotel is situated in Ohotnyi Ryad Street, several hundred meters away from the Kremlin. It is a monument to its era and represents Russia’s past and present. As legend would have it, four different styles were presented to Stalin for the design of the hotel, and as Stalin merely signed “approved” on the covering page, and no-one was brave enough to ask Stalin exactly which style he has approved, the architects incorporated all four styles into the fourteen storey building.

A.V. ShChusev was the lead architect on the project, assisted by architects L.I. Savelyeva and O.A. Staprana. Moskva Hotel was officially opened to the public, visitors and guests on 20 December 1935. The wonderful architecture and design was an absolute marvel. The magnificently spacious halls with their spectacular furnishings and the pride of the city, is still the pictures of world famous artists that adorned the walls.

The Moskva Hotel is also an attraction, just to walk and stand in the places that famous people to likes of delegates, politicians, athletes and actors lived in, such as Pablo Nerudo, Boris Yeltsin, Alexey Stahanov, Valery Chkalov and Ilya Erenburg. Being the most central hotel in Moscow, the Moskva hotel has wonderful views of the city from the hotel rooms. Also being a hundred meters from the sign of “Zero-Kilometer of the Russian Roads”. Popular attractions that can be seen from the hotel are the golden domes of the ancient Kremlin cathedrals, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, and the legendry Bolshoy and Maly Theatres that are on the Moscow River, within walking distance from the hotel.

Russia has seen many changes over the last few centuries and yet the Moskva Hotel has remained one of the leading hotels in Moscow. The Moskva Hotel was closed due to reconstruction, as the hotel management wanted to uphold the hotel facilities with current international standards. The Moskva Hotel is dedicated to the comfort and security of all their hotel guests. This includes the modernization of the hotel rooms, saunas, spa’s, treatment facilities and other areas, to enhance the already luxurious hotel. The Moskva Hotel was demolished in 2004, and an exact modern replica was built in its place, but with an underground parking area underneath the hotel and an entrance to the Moscow Metro station on the ground floor.


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