Slavyanskaya Square - Begin Your Journey Through Moscow

As you travel around Moscow, you might notice that there is a massive square situated at the centre of the city. This is the Slavyanskaya Square and a great place to start a tour of the inner city. It features an interesting statue and is surrounded by appealing squares and buildings which are worth touring. It is noted as being the starting place for the Russian march of 2006 and is quite easy to reach since one of the stations of the Moscow Metro is located directly beneath the square.

The Slavyanskaya Square is bordered by the Staraya Square, Varvarka Street, Solyanka Street and the Church of All Saints. The Staraya Square and Church of All Saints are interesting to explore while the two nearby streets offer some great shopping opportunities. It is also not at all far from Kitai-Gorod and one of the two remaining fragments of this ‘city within a city’ can be found nearby. So, after you have explored the adjoining attractions, you can head off and see the wall before discovering Kitai-Gorod – one of Moscow’s most prestigious business districts. In fact, the metro station located beneath the square is the southern corridor of the ‘Kitay-Gorod station’ and no trip to Slavyanskaya Square is complete without a stop at this excellent shopping destination.

In the actual square itself, you will find a towering monument to the Saints Cyril and Methodius. The monument was created by Vyacheslav Klykov and it was unveiled in 1992. Cyril and Methodius were two ancient Greek brothers who were born in Thessaloniki in the 9th century. They were considered to be saints after they chose to become Christian missionaries and went off to preach the gospel in Khazaria and Great Moravia. They are also the ones who created and spread the Glagolitic alphabet from which the Cyrillic alphabet is derived. Because of there immense and successful efforts, they were canonized in 1880. The monument features both men standing next to a cross on a pedestal. It makes for a great picture but apart from that, the square has little to offer besides the many great attractions that surround it.


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