Penza - A Fantastic Tourist Destination

The city of Penza was first founded as an outpost in 1663 and consisted of no more than a few wooden houses. Stone structures only started to be built in Penza between the years of 1801 to 1809, when the Cossacks infiltrated the city. It began to gain importance as a vital trade center, and with this, the population also started to increase. Today, Penza is no longer a significant trade destination in Russia, but has become one of the leading educational cities and the administrative headquarters for the entire Penza Oblast.

Located on the banks of the Sura River, Penza is approximately 625 kilometers from Moscow. It has an estimated population of 518 thousand, and with its vast variety of educational facilities it also has a large population of students. Penza is proud to have seventy-seven schools and thirteen colleges. The Penza University of Architecture and Construction, Institute of Civil Building, Academy of Agriculture, The Pedagogic University, The Engineering and Artillery Institute and the Penza State University are amongst the popular institutions, making Penza a sought after educational destination in Russia.

Arts and culture is of great importance of the city and makes up most of the attractions in Penza. Visitors are recommended to view the Monument of Victory in War (1941-1945) or pop into the Sculpture House Gallery. The Penza Art Museum draws a lot of attention and the Folk Art Museum that opened in 1975 has a wonderful collection of local talent, including exhibits of toys, woodcarvings and copper work. The Museum of Local Lore Studies was founded in 1905 and exhibits collections of ethnographic findings, natural science and natural history. This museum also has an extensive collection of scientific books in their library, that total about thirty thousand. Another wonderful museum in Penza, that forms part of their cultural history, is Tarkhany Manor that used to be the home of the legendary poet Mikhail Lermontov. Another of the fascinating attractions in Penza, is the Museum of One Picture, which was established in 1983 and exhibits works of art that have been donated by the top museums in the country. Visitors will also be able to find spectacular theatrical productions in any one of the three theatres that are located in the city.

As with the other cities and towns in the Penza Oblast, the economy is dominated by agricultural products such as hemp, timber, food processing, wheat, sunflowers and sugar beets. The engineering industry is concentrated mainly in Penza. The city of Penza is also blessed with much wildlife and natural beauty, being surrounded by dense forests and spectacular landscapes. Penza is definitely a destination in Russia that visitors enjoy and will walk away with beautiful photographic memories and experiences.


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denis - 2009-10-16 22:05:05

I would like information on how to apply for an invitation to enter russia with a visitors visa.

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Admin - 2009-10-08 07:13:37

To Denis, Please join the Forums and post your question there. Other Forum members may be able to assist you. Regards, Team

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denis - 2009-10-06 21:37:52

I would like all of the information that you have for dental clinics and the possibility of employment in such an area.

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