Journey to the Vibrant City of Ryazan

The picturesque city of Ryazan is situated in the Central Federal District of Russia on the banks of the Oka River. It is approximately 196 kilometers south-east of Moscow and it serves as the administrative center of the Ryazan Oblast. Ryazan is quite a large city, with a population of more than 520 000 people, with this number continuing to increase steadily. Ryazan in Russia has played an important role in the military history of the country since it has long supported several airforce bases. The strategic bomber base ‘Dyagilevo’ can still be found on the outskirts of the western side of the city, while the now abandoned ‘Alexandrovo’ air base can be found to the southeast of the city. The small Ryazan Turlatovo Airport is situated near the Alexandrovo air base and it is still in use today.

Some say that the Ryazan Kremlin was initially founded in 1095 by Slavs, but this is still debated. The first mention made of it in literature was as a ‘Pereslavl'-Ryazansky’ in 1301. The Ryazan Kremlin was initially built from wood, but over time, wooden structures were replaced by stone ones. The oldest part of the Kremlin that can still be seen today dates back to the 15th century. In the early years, the city enjoyed immensely picturesque surrounds with forests and steppe providing wood and land for farming activities. Unfortunately this also made the city vulnerable and it suffered numerous invasions from the south. It was the first Russian city to be attacked by the mongol hordes of Batu Khan and in 1237 it was completely devastated and abandoned. The ruins of this ancient city can now be seen in old Ryazan or ‘Staraya Ryazan’ which is located about 50 kilometers from present day Ryazan, which was then known as ‘Pereslavl’-Ryazan’. Pereslavl Ryazan continued to see a lot of military action and in the 13th century it was chosen as the capital city of the Ryazan Oblast. This eventually led to a sort of ‘Golden Age’ wherein many of the fine old buildings one finds in the city today were built.

Modern Ryazan is ever-growing city with a fast pace of life. Large shopping malls have been built recently and facilities, such as the new indoor skating rink, are becoming increasingly popular. The city continues to support the air force, being home to the Airborne Forces Academy. It also has a very vibrant nightlife with clubs and pubs swelling in numbers on the weekends. The top attractions in this beautiful and busy city are the Ryazan Kremlin, the Pavlov Museum, the Architectural Museum, the Art Museum, the Drama Theatre, the Puppet Theater, the Children’s Circus and Pyaniy Park. So visit this beautiful city and discover more about its fascinating past for yourself.


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