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Situated at the point where the Volga and Tvertsa rivers meet, Tver is the administrative center of Tver Oblast. The city originally started life as a minor settlement of Novgorodian traders, but it soon transformed into one of the richest and most populous Russian states. The surrounding woodlands and bogs were harvested and transformed into a beautiful city - a place that housed a number of princes in its heyday. Besides is booming industry, beauty and popularity, Tver also had the advantage of being virtually inaccessible to raiding Tartars. This saw a steady influx of refugees from the south whose homes had been devastated and whose lives had been shattered. The refugees brought with them skills which continued to help the city to grow until eventually it was on par with Moscow. For many years it battled for supremacy, but its status as a beautiful and powerful city was not to be long lived.

The city's decline started in 1485 when Ivan the Great seized the city. Things went horribly wrong for the last of the ruling dynasty when they were executed by Ivan the Terrible. However there was hope. With the founding of St Petersburg, Tver started to gain impetus as people chose to stop off en route from Moscow via rail. Much of the Russian royalty and nobility visited Tver while traveling between the old capital and the new one. This gave the city a much needed revival. The most notable restoration was ordered by Catherine the Great who ordered that the crumbling medieval ruins of downtown be razed and reconstructed. The resulting Neoclassical structures were a vast improvement to the face of the city and some have become popular tourist attractions. Much later between 1931 and 1990, Tver was renamed Kalinin after Mikhail Kalinin, a notable Soviet leader. The name of Tver was eventually restored.

As a whole, the city of Tver is more of a place to live than it is a place to visit. While it is pretty and comfortable, it lacks many of the tourist attractions that other Russian cities have. However, it does still have a few places worth seeing, such as the White Trinity Church, the Travel Palace of the Empress and the Ascension Church. There are also numerous bridges and interesting buildings to see. If you are planning to travel between Moscow and St. Petersburg, why not do yourself a favor and follow in the footsteps of Kings and Queens by stopping off at Tver. It is a beautiful city with an enjoyable atmosphere and will welcome you with open arms.


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Fernando Gallegos - 2009-12-04 22:32:18

I love tver, it is a nice town, i love to eat pizza by the volga river and walk along the bank... Baña are great, i loved to junt into the river after a the sauna...

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