Afanasy Nikitin Monument - Remembering an Great Traveler

Within the lovely city of Tver is a monument to one of its greatest inhabitants of the past. Standing on the bank of the Volga River is the bronze monument dedicated to the great traveler, Afanasy Nikitin. This outstanding monument is well-known as a symbol of Tver, representing a man of high-esteem amongst Russians.

Who was the renowned Russian Afanasy Nikitin? Born in Tver, Afanasy Nikitin was a famous Russian writer and traveler. His received much recognition as the first every European to put on paper his visit to the mysterious land of India. In his narrative book entitled “Voyage Beyond the Three Seas” Nikitin beautifully described his grand journey.

Afanasy Nikitin's trip to India began in 1466. In this year he departed from Tver to make his way on a commercial venture to India. First he made his way down the Volga River, then to Derbent and Baku. He crossed the Caspian Sea to Persia where he resided for the course of a year. By the the spring of the year 1469 Afanasy Nikitin had landed in Ormus. From there he went across the Arabian sea so as to get to the sultanate of Golconda. For 3 years he remained in Golconda. His journey home from India's Golconda led him through Somalia, Muscat and Trabzon. Making his way over the Black Sea he arrived at Feodosiya in the year 1472. Sadly, Nikitin died near Smolensk in 1472, not making it home to Tver.

During his remarkable tour to India Afanasy Nikitin took many useful notes. He took time to study the Indian population, the social system, the economy, government, lifestyle, religion and nature. The sheer abundance of facts made Nikitin's research an invaluable library into India. In 1955 it was decided that a bronze monument dedicated to Afanasy Nikitin be erected in Tver. This fine reminder of an outstanding man is a popular attraction in the city. Whilst sitting and having a beer in the city of Tver you may come across another “memorial” to Nikitin, Afanasy Nikitin Beer. On the label is an artists view of the great traveler. Cheers to Nikitin!


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