Znamensky Monastery - Monastery of the Sign

If you enjoy visiting aged religious edifices, Russia certainly has plenty to offer. One such building is the Znamensky Monastery in Moscow, Russia. Situated in the Kitai-Gorod part of the city, this beautiful old monastery is also known as the ‘Monastery of the Sign’. It makes the perfect addition to any trip through the Kitai-Gorod area and should always be included in a person’s travel plans. You’ll find it on Varvarka Street in amongst many other Romanov attractions. Many people are surprised to learn that Moscow’s Znamensky Monastery is just one of many monasteries which share the same name. If you are planning to tour the country, you may well find yourself looking at more than one Znamensky monastery. Yet each is quite different from the other and the only thing these monasteries share is their name.

The Znamensky Monastery in Novgorod is a classic example of 15th century religious architecture. Complete with the onion-shaped domes which are so widely used in Russian architecture, this ancient religious building is now fallen into a state of disrepair. It is authentic and its rough edges make for interesting photography and you’ll find your imagination running away with you as you enter through the rickety old pedestrian gate. Bring a role or two of sepia film to make this most of this beautiful old building.

In the small town of Ostashkov in the Tver Oblast, you’ll find yet another Znamensky Monastery. Since Ostashkov is one of Russia’s best provincial towns, you can expect to find stunning architecture here. Most of the buildings are building the neoclassical architectural style. Here the ‘Monastery of the Sign’ dates back to the 1600s and it is surrounded by plenty of other interesting historical buildings to keep your interest piqued. At the heart of Siberia you will find Tobolsk – also known as the spiritual capital of Siberia. In amongst a hodgepodge of interesting religious architecture, the Tobolsk Znamensky Monastery stands out. You’ll find it at the Senatskaya Square not far from the Tobolsk Kremlin in amongst a dozen other great attractions. Clearly there is more than one great Znamensky Monastery to see and if you were to visit as many as you possibly can, you would likely travel across at least half of the country. So make sure you include this timeless religious landmark in your travel plans.


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