Have a Fantastic Holiday in Krasnoyarsk

On the banks of the Yenisei River, in Siberia, lies the city of Krasnoyarsk. It is a city with a rich history and is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and spectacular natural beauty. Krasnoyarsk is a destination in Russia that sees many visitors pass through. They come here to marvel at the scenic splendor of the Russian city and visit its many noteworthy sites. With more than enough attractions in Krasnoyarsk and regular skiing enthusiasts who flock to the Nikolayevskaya Sopka Hill, the city has an active and popular tourism industry.

Krasnoyarsk was founded as a fortification for the Russian border in the year 1628. It was named Krasny Yar, but as the fort started to expand into a village the name was changed to Krasnoyarsk. Notable growth of the city started in 1735, when construction in the Moscow Postroad started. This road was significant, as it connected the city with smaller towns in the vicinity and by 1895, the railroad came to the city after gold was discovered here. Today transportation is provided through the Trans-Siberian Railway, the highways and the Krasnoyarsk Yemelyanovo Airport. Economic growth in Krasnoyarsk started after the 1917 Russian Revolution. This saw the arrival of the Hydroelectric Power Station, the dock-yard and river port and the erection of manufacturing plants and factories. By the end of World War II, the city was teeming with paper factories, base metal plants, aluminum plants and metallurgic plants. Fortunately, the scars and reminders of the Soviet rule have slowly started to fade, as historical buildings started being restored, streets started being paved and parks and memorial squares were decorated with fountains and an air of tranquility.

As for being a tourist destination in Russia, visitors will definitely have to set aside a week or two to have enough time to visit all the wonderful attractions in Krasnoyarsk. To start, the city is filled with museums, historical buildings and theatres. The most popular street to wonder around in, which is littered with cafés, shops and restaurants, is Prospekt Mira Street. The 350 Year-Anniversary Square is home to the Russian version of the ‘Big Ben’ and is also the local entertainment hotspot. Visitors can also stop in at the Egyptian Regional Studies Museum, the Local Regional Studies Museum or visit some of the historical churches, such as the Intercession Cathedral, the Annunciation Cathedral, John the Baptist Church, St. Trinity Cathedral and the St. Paraskeba Chapel. Tourists are recommended to take the twenty-minute journey to the Stolby National Park. Beautiful cliffs and a large variety of wildlife live here, and it is a popular cliff hiking location.

Krasnoyarsk is both a business and tourist destination in Russia. It is Siberia’s third biggest city, and has all the facilities of a modernized urban location. Here visitors and guests will be able to enjoy the peacefulness of nature and relaxed sightseeing during the day, and join in on the bustling nightlife when night falls.


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