Australian Embassy in Russia

The Australian Embassy in Russia is located in the city of Moscow and has four consulates in other cities of the country. Its main focus is to provide Australians in Russia with various services, but also to promote Australia to the Russian community. It is also a center of information that can assist visitors with general inquiries, such as where and when the next Australian related event will take place, what the laws are in Russia and guidance in regard to traveling in Russia.

Appointments should be made before visiting the Australian Embassy in Russia either via e-mail or telephone (see Contact Details below). As expected, the Australian Embassy is able to perform tasks such as issuing visas and dealing with the application thereof. Types of visas that are dealt with by the embassy include Tourist Visas, Short Business Visas, Transit Visas, Student Visas, Temporary Residence Visas, Resident Return Visas, Partner Migration Visas, Family Migration Visas, Child Migration Visas, Sponsored Family Visas, Repatriated Visas Temporary and Permanent.

Emergency passports can also be issued by the Australian Embassy. Other services include assistance in a medical emergency, financial assistance (in reviewed emergency cases), assistance in regard to lawyers and prison visits should you get arrested and assistance during natural disasters or uprisings. Any travel advice can be received from the embassy and general information, including listings of doctors and lawyers. They are also able to certify a signature or even witness a document if necessary.

There is however certain limitations to the assistance they can provide. The Australian Embassy in Russia is not a travel agency, so they are not permitted to make or cancel bookings in regard to hotels or travel arrangements. They are not liable for any costs incurred such as hotel bills and are also not permitted to search or return lost luggage. They are able to provide you with names and numbers of local lawyers but will not pay for or assist in any legal matters. They are not able to investigate crimes, negotiate prison treatment or provide telephone or any administrative assistance. Work permits cannot be arranged through the embassy and they cannot perform marriage ceremonies either.

The Australian Embassy has to maintain relations between Australia and Russia, including relations with Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. They are located in Russian to assist and provide general services which they do with pride, understanding and to the best of their abilities.

Contact Details:

Australian Embassy
Address: 10A/2 Podkoloklny Pereulok, Moscow, 109028, Russia
Telephone: (+7495) 956 6070 Fax: (+7495) 956 6170

Australian Consulate in St. Petersburg
Address: 1 Italianskaya Ulitsa, St Petersburg, 191186, Russia
Telephone: (+7812) 325 7333 Fax: (+7812) 325 7333

Australian Consulate in Vladivostok
Address: 42 Prospect Krasnogo Znameni, Vladivostok, 690106, Russia
Telephone: (+74232) 427 464 Fax: (+74232) 426 916

Please note: these details may change.


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