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Despite the political and social problems which have plagued Russia’s history, the country has long been at the forefront of a number of different industries. For example, Yuri Gagarin, a Russian Cosmonaut, was the first man in space. Pyotr Tchaikovsky was a brilliant Russian composer who is still considered to be one of the masters of classical music. People such as these have made their mark on history and have received due recognition over the ages. This part of Russia-Channel.com is dedicated to some of these famous Russians who have made a notable mark on both Russia and the rest of the world with their gallant efforts to excel in their chosen field.

There are several areas that famous Russian people have chosen to excel in. One such area is art and architecture. Here names such as Marc Chagall, Wassily Kandinsky and Aleksandr Rodchenko immediately spring to mind, as these famous artists have made an indelible mark in history. Peter Carl Faberge is perhaps better known because of the egg decorating style he masterminded, while Vladimir Tatlin is often better known for his architecture than for his paintings. A number of famous poets and authors have also attained global fame and in this instance one tends to think of Isaac Babel, Maxim Gorky and Aleksandr Pushkin, though there are many others. In the field of music, most think of Pyotr Tchaikovsky or Nikolai Petrov, while Mikhail Baryshnikov takes first place in mind for famous dancers. Actresses such as Milla Jovovich and Natalie Wood have become household names that are recognized across the globe, while Nilolay Gennadiyevich Basov won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1964 for inventing the now widely used and indispensable ‘laser’. A number of others have excelled in sports, space exploration and science.

There are also those famous Russians who have achieved notoriety instead of actual fame - people who have left a rather disdainful mark on the face of humanity. Here names such as Joseph Stalin and Ivan the Terrible spring to mind. While these men may not have intended to start out on such a path, they are certainly remembered by the majority of mankind as being rather dubious figures in history. There are simply so many great Russians that we simply cannot hope to cover them all. However, we have selected some definite favorites and hope that you will enjoy learning more about these famous Russians.


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Andrew - 2010-10-07 07:12:58

Actually Douglas, he had an Ossetian father and a Russian-Georgian mother. He was born in Gori, but he was educated in a Russian seminary, and was a great Russian chauvinist par excellence. He is also considered by Russians to be the 3rd greatest Russian of all time.

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Douglas - 2009-09-11 04:04:42

Joseph Stalin wasn't Russian he was Georgian born in Gori.

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what do u mean? - 2009-09-09 18:30:19

idk what it mean?

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