Discover the Treasures of Aldan

The small town of Aldan is located in the Sakha Republic, also known as Yakutia, in Russia. Even though the town was only established in 1923, quite late compared to most historic towns and cities, this unique destination in Russia was granted the status of Town, in the year 1939. Situated on the Aldan Plateau, it is not only connected to the north-south highway, the major highway of the region, but is also surrounded by many fascinating and interesting natural attractions.

The Aldan River that runs past the town of Aldan is a particularly popular attraction and tourist destination in Russia, due to two significant archaeological sites that are located here. The river runs a total distance of 2 250 kilometers, passing the Stanovoy Mountains, Khandyga, Tommot and of course, Aldan. It finally meets up with the Lena River. What makes the Aldan River of economical importance is that its basin is a major producer of gold and many Cambrian Fossils have also been discovered in the river.

The Dyuktai Cave, on the river, is a popular attraction as its cavity has been carved from limestone and has rare Pleistocene levels, making this a vital historical site. Tools, animal remains and evidence of human activity have been found here and date back to between 16 000 to 12 000 years B.P. Another fascinating site is the Ust-Mil 2 archaeological site. Here, radiocarbon has been discovered, believed to be deposited here between the years of 24 000 to 23 500 B.P.

Gold and mica are only two of the resources that are harvested from the areas surrounding Aldan. One of the greatest discoveries to date took place in the Aldan Mountains in the year 1976, when Charoite was first discovered. With its hypnotic purple coloring and black and white marble-like swirls, this extremely rare mineral has led to the creation of the most exquisite jewelry and an expensive trading market. With such rare and valuable minerals being mined from the Aldan landscape, it is no wonder that this town and its industries are affectionately referred to as the heart of the mining industry.


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