Experience the Sheer Beauty of Anadyr

The town of Anadyr is by far not the largest town in Russia and has a mere population of approximately 11 thousand residents. As it is located on the most eastern point of the country, the town is extremely isolated. It was first named Novo-Mariinsk when it was founded in 1889, but was renamed to Anadyr in 1923. Anadyr was officially given the status of a town on 12 January 1965.

Russia's Anadyr does not have many tourist attractions, but is has an unlimited amount of natural beauty and wildlife. First and foremost, Anadyr is a vital seaport for the Gulf of Anandyr and the Bering Sea. Industries in the town consist mostly of small mining operations that mine for lignite (which is better known as ‘brown coal’). Fishing is an important part of the economy of the town, with fishing vessels making use of the port and the convenience of the fishing factory located in the town. Transport to and from the town is supplied by the local airport. The airport handles chartered aircraft and airlines from destinations in Russia such as Moscow, and other destinations including Alaska and Nome.

The areas along the Anadyr River are scantily populated. The river runs past the Stanovoi Mountains and into the Gulf of Anadayr. Here, visitors are guaranteed to view spectacular wildlife scenes, breathtaking landscapes and the beauty of the surrounding mountains. This region was used for farming and herding domesticated reindeer, but these numbers have dwindled. Visitors to the Anadyr region are more likely to see wild caribou, with numbers that have steadily increased with the decline of the reindeer.

A few famous Russians originate from the town of Anadyr, such as the cosmonaut, Valery Ivanovich Tokarev, who spent his entire childhood here; and the oil business magnate, Roman Abramovich, who invested a lot of his money and time in creating the infrastructure that is still evident in the town today.

As a nature destination in Russia, Anadyr and its surroundings offer visitors the most stunning photographic opportunities and variety of wildlife and plant species. Many tour companies bring their clients to Anadyr to witness the beauty of land that seems completely untouched. It is a place where unmatched tranquility and peaceful scenes fill every moment of the day, with the back-drop of fishing vessels and their cheerful crews.


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