Blagoveshchensk - A Remote Gem

On the shores of the Amur River, almost 7 900 kilometers to the east of the city of Moscow, is Blagoveshchensk. The first inhabitants to the area were the Russians, who formed a settlement in 1644. China took over the city in 1689 and it was founded and served, in the year 1856, as a military outpost to the Russian Military. At present, the population is estimated at approximately 219 thousand residents. Blagoveshchensk has in the past been a location that has been fought over, due to it being located on the border between China and Russia.

Its lure as a tourist destination in Russia, comes from its location - standing in one country and looking into the other. From the city of Blagoveshchensk, Heihe lies a mere hundred meters from the border. The city was renamed from Ust-Zeya to Blagoveshchensk in 1858 and became a famed city after gold was discovered here in the twentith century. The Zeya Gold Mining Basin is still served by Blagoveshchensk as a supply point. Being a mining region and an agricultural centre, a good transportation network is necessary to keep this remote city in contact with other destinations in Russia, for transporting of products and importing vital supplies. Blagoveshchensk has a few roads for vehicles and trucks and has a large river port that it serviced by a number of rivercraft and boats. The port also assists in the repairing and maintenance of these vessels. For air transportation, the city relies on the Ignatyevo Airport, and the Trans-Siberian Railway makes rail transportation available.

Over and above the tourism industry, Blagoveshchensk receives an income from its other industries that include the production of electrical appliances, wool products, timber, manufacturing machinary that is used in the mining of gold, building river crafts and food processing. Visitors to the city will find comfortable accommodation in the hotels in the city, such as the Jubilee Hotel, the Friendship Hotel and the Churin Hotel. The central market, known as the Centralniv Renak, is held partly indoors and partly outdoors. Stalls featuring facinating souvenirs and interesting items are displayed outside, while the food stalls are mainly indoors. Here visitors will be able to pick up quite a few bargains. There are two large shopping centres and also a Blagoveshchensk Theatre Complex. Guests are recommended to stop by Lenin Square and a few of the nineteen century buildings that have been restored to their former beauty.

Blagoveshchensk might be one of the remotest destinations in Russia, but it makes up for it with its magnificent tourist facilities, breathtaking architecture and noteworthy sights. Friendly locals and endless photgraphic opportunites will keep visitors entertained for days.


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