Explore the Glorious Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia

The Kamchatka Peninsula is quite large, roughly about the size of Japan. It has a large volcanic belt with 29 active volcanic craters. In the center of Kamchatka you will find Geyser Valley, however, there are more than 150 thermal springs dotting the peninsula. The flora and fauna in the area is quite incredible. The Siberian Taiga ends on the Peninsula, giving it amazing coniferous growth.

More than half of the world's Steller's Sea Eagles can be found on the Kamchatka Peninsula. You will also find the largest brown bear population here. In the waters, there are seals, sea lions, otters, the rare gray whale and many other sea creatures. The largest surviving wild salmon populations can also be found in Kamchatka.

The volcanoes, volcanic peaks, cyclones and underground heat result in an impressive 20 climate zones, which means there is a great variety of fauna and flora. The volcanic calderas, parks of stone sculptures and natural sights such as crater lakes, geysers and mineral springs are all big attractions, mostly due to their pristine condition. Kamchatka is also very sparsely populated and most of the people live either in scattered villages or in the capital, Petropavlovsk.

Despite its beauty, Kamchatka has had a somewhat turbulent history. Standing at the furthest point in the east, it took six months to travel to Kamchatka and thus it held little value in the eyes of the rulers who sat in the western side of the Russian Empire. At one point it was nearly sold to America and it has also seen a lot of military activity. For many years no foreigners were allowed into the country, but times have changed and now tourism is a driving industry in Kamchatka. Why not support the local economy and travel to Kamchatka in Russia; it is certainly one of the most naturally spectacular regions in Russia.


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