Tour the Fascinating City of Magadan

As with most destinations in Russia that are located in the Far East of the country, Magadan is a fairly remote port city. It is located on the Sea of Okhotsk and was founded in the year 1933. Even though the city was established for two main reasons: gold and to ship all opposed to Stalin’s rule to this isolated location, it has managed to survive and maintain a good economy and industrial sector. Magadan has also become a popular tourist destination, because of its turbulent and painful history, that still fascinates and disturbs people today.

The industrial sector of Magadan is largely supported by two industries, fishery and shipbuilding. The transportation and mining of gold was a major contributor, until unresolved land ownership issues and declining interest started to affect this sector. Unfortunately, foreign investment into the city, and surrounding areas, has also seen a decline, even with magnificent opportunities in the mining industry. The Magadan region is known to be rich in natural resources such as petroleum, tin, oil, gas, gold, coal and silver. The Magadan Port makes sea access and goods transportation available, even though cold weather conditions often causes ice on the water. The waters along the coast of the city, and the inland rivers are known to be the perfect fishing grounds for salmon, pike, trout, nelma and perch. The dense forests surrounding the city attract a fair number of hunters as well.

Magadan has a vast amount of attractions and noteworthy sites for visitors to enjoy, and it for these reasons that the tourism industry has taken off here and it has become a popular destination in Russia. The Museum of Local Lore is famous for its spectacular history and culture exhibits that feature the customs, traditions and rituals of tribes such as Eskimo’s and the Chukchi. Visitors will be fascinated the collection of the area’s natural resources at the Geological Museum, which was opened in 1940. The collection has wonderful examples of coal, mercury, gold, crystals and silver. To view semi-precious and precious mineral samples and the discovery of unique meteorites, the Museum of Minerals is the place to be. For the more adventurous and outdoor enthusiasts, the Ola Village is located about 40 kilometers outside the city and the Karamken Village is also worth the trip. The most heartbreaking sites in Magadan are the Gulag Memorial and the remains of the Dalstroy Gulag Camp.

Magadan is a destination in Russia that is filled with fascinating sites and a tragic history. With business opportunities and breathtaking landscapes, this is a city with many hidden treasures and places to discover.


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