Mirny - Center of the Diamond Mining Industry

Mirny is another town in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) that is a newly established town, and was founded due to the discovery of diamonds in 1956. The mining town has grown into a wonderful tourist destination in Russia, with many attractions, over and above being home to the largest diamond mine in the world.

On 7 August 1949, the first diamond in Mirny was discovered by an expedition group. And on 13 June 1955, the news was delivered to Moscow that the Mir pipe (diamond field) had been found. The geologists and expedition members that came to explore the diamond field became the first residents of Mirny. Today, the mine is 1 200 meters in width and is 525 meters in depth. It is the heart of the mining industry of Russia and is responsible for almost a hundred percent of Russia’s diamonds and about twenty percent of the diamonds worldwide. In recognition of the remarkable work done by geologists, the Monument to the Pioneers of Diamond Industry in Yakutia was erected in the municipal park of Mirny on 12 October 1970. The monument consists of an obelisk that was created by A. Temnikov, E. Ermolaev and I. Kaphengaus. It also features an imitation diamond, in memory of a great discovery and the start of a rich and prosperous future.

Other noteworthy attractions that make Mirny a popular destination in Russia, include Victory Square. The square was constructed in memory of the victory in the Great Patriotic War and an obelisk was used as the main feature. The three swords that are in the ground symbolize three decades of peace. Visitors are able to experience the war and its hardship and triumph, through the Remembrance Wall. Many locals and families come to square on nice days to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the square. And the list does not end there. The Orthodox Cathedral; Museum of Fauna, Flora and Natural Resources; Mirny Holy Trinity Temple; Historical and Production Museum of the ALROSA Company; and the Mirny Polytechnic Institute are all fascinating and worthwhile. The Lenin Square, in the center of town is home to the Cultural Palace “Almaz”, where young and old can enjoy the culture, dance, folklore and entertainment.

The town of Mirny does not only sparkle with the glint of diamonds, but with the energy of life and excitement. With prosperity, history and a great selection of activities and attractions, Mirny is a destination in Russia that should not be missed.


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