The Coal Mining World of Neryungri

In the Southern region of the Sakha Republic, also known as Yakutia, is the town of Neryungri. It is an industrial center for the province and has a population of approximately 66 thousand residents. Neryungri covers an area of 93 thousand square kilometers and was founded in the year 1975, due to the discovery of a coal basin. A relatively young town, it is home to a large coal mining industry, and is also involved in gold mining. Touring this large coal operation has increased in popularity with tourists, and transformed Neryungri into a fascinating destination in Russia.

The BAM (Baikal – Amur Railway) runs through the town and passengers are able to travel to many destinations in Russia, including Novosibirsk that detours through Irkustk and to Tommot, which lies approximately 368 kilometers to the North. The small Neryungri Airport accommodates two airlines. Between the two they offer one daily flight to Moscow and a daily flight to Yakutsk. The size of the aircraft does differ in regard to the destination, and the airport also deals with private and chartered planes that belong to guides and tour companies.

Accommodation in Neryungri can be found in the form of small and neat hotels or rooms that are rented out. The town has a great variety of shops, souvenir stores, schools and historic sites of interest. Visitors to the local museum will not be disappointed at the large collection of exhibits that are on display. Tour guides at the coalmines are also very helpful and interpreters are able to translate the many fascinating facts and information in regard to the mining process and daily operations. In recent years, talks were held in the town to encourage the municipality of the Neryungri region to consider inviting the YSU Technological Cluster to open a branch in town to assist in addressing issues such as production, science, environmental impacts and education.

With the expansion of departments and projects of the coal mining industry in Neryungri, the possibilities and future of Neryungri are endless. And seeing as more visitors and tourists are showing an interest in touring the operation, it opens new doors to industries within the town. Visitors will find the locals to be friendly and extremely good hosts. Add to this interesting sites and attractions to explore, Neryungri is a wonderful destination in Russia to consider visiting.


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