Explore the popular city of Vladivostok

Vladivostok is an administrative center located not far from the Russo-Chinese border. Both a historical and commercial hub, Russia's Vladivostok is an interesting city. Regular flights to Russia's Vladivostok International Airport make getting here easy and the many hotels in Vladivostok provide excellent accommodation.

Situated in the south of the Marvyov-Amursky peninsula, Vladivostok covers and area of 600 square km. Mount Kholodilnik is the highest elevation reaching 257m. Eagle's Nest Mount is considered the highest point downtown, at a height of 199 m. Vladivostok is linked to Moscow by the Trans-Siberian railway which was completed in 1905. Flights to Vladivostok International airport connect the city to Japan, China, South Korea and Vietnam, as well as other cities in Russia. Public transportation in Vladivostok is very efficient and includes: trams, buses, trolleybuses, trains and ferryboats.

The best way to explore Vladivostok is on foot. Slowly amble along pathways leading you past commercial areas and historical buildings. Make a point of investigating the side roads, heading through courtyards where small businesses operate. The waterfront is lovely. Mermaid statue in Sporty Bay is a memorial to Hans Christian Anderson. Lovely little shops sell refreshment along the way. As you wind your way along Naberezhnaya you will come to the Amur Tiger statue and enjoy extensive views of the bay. Along Arsenyev Street you will be taken back in time as you observe the 19th century wooden houses. Climb up the stairs next to the cable car and you will eventually reach a stunning look-out where you can see the entire Golden Horn Bay.

Several forts were built in the city during its history, so why not pay one or two of them a visit? Vladivostokskaya Krepost is located just behind the oceanarium. At 12 noon every day you can here the cannon boom. Fort No. 7 is probably the most popular. Constructed in 1910, the fort is an impressive site to explore. Hop aboard one of the ferries to Russky Island. Guarded by some 7 forts, you will spend a lovely day here. The Oceanarium in Vladivostok has many displays and exhibits. There is also the amazing Dolphinarium nearby. In the Arsenyev Regional Museum you will discover an array of information and relics from local history.

Vladivostok has something to offer everyone, from museums to night clubs, from magical walks to ferry rides. Tourists are sure to be impressed with the hotels in Vladivostok, contributing to a wonderful vacation. Be sure to include a stay in Vladivostok on your itinerary when visiting Russia.


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