Vladivostok Aquarium - A Fantastic Day Outing

Vladivostok is the capital of Primorye and it is the largest city in the Russian Far East. This sizable city has many interesting things to do. One of these attractions is the Vladivostok Aquarium (Oceanarium). This is a very appropriate attraction since it reflects the city’s strong maritime history and traditions. Interestingly enough, the city wasn’t always big and it wasn’t always busy. It also doesn’t have an age old history as do many other Russian cities.

It all started in 1860 when a military supply ship called the Manchur made its way to Golden Horn Bay in order to establish an outpost. The outpost was named Vladivostok and just two years later, this small outpost was officially made a port. Just twenty years after those first few settlers and builders were deposited inland at Golden Horn Bay, the city was not only proclaimed a city but also a fortress. The city’s growth was also facilitated by the building of the Trans-Siberian Railroad which commences in Vladivostok. Today almost everything in this beautiful city has something to do with the sea. The railroad, the harbour, the city’s history, the panoramas – even the industry. The entire port has become like a small Russian version of Venice. The port is now a floating city which is brilliantly lit at night and a must-see by water. Of course, no coastal city is quite complete without an aquarium. Vladivostok has an excellent aquarium just waiting to be discovered.

The Vladivostok Aquarium or Oceanarium features more than 1800 different kinds of marine life. There are live expositions of 86 different species – most of which inhabit the Peter the Great Gulf though some also come from the Primorye water reservoirs. The museum also features a number of creatures which come from the Far Eastern seas and coasts and it has an excellent shell collection. It also houses a variety of fascinating marine-orientated finds that will keep you entertained for hours. The Vladivostok Aquarium is open between 10 am and 6 pm most days of the week. Why not visit and make your trip to Vladivostok extra special?


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