Discover the Magnifent Surroundings of Yelizovo

The small town of Yelizovo is not a major tourist destination in Russia. It is what surrounds this town in the Kamchatka Peninsula that attracts visitors and tourists each year. Located on the Avacha River, it has a population estimated at a mere 41 thousand residents and is near the city of Petropavlovsk. The name of the town was derived from an Admiral named Vasily Zavoyko, who became a legend for his leadership role in the 1854 battle to defend the neighboring city of Petropavlovsk.

Yelizovo was founded in the year 1848, but only received its official status as a town in 1975. What makes this town so easily accessible and well known is that it is home to the biggest commercial airport in the Kamchatka Peninsula, which also serves as a base for Naval aircraft. The Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Yelizovo Airport has a 3 400-meter runway that enables the airport to accommodate Boeing 747’s comfortably. There are enough parking spaces for approximately twenty-four larger aircraft, and additional parking for smaller and chartered aircraft. Noticing that naval craft share the airport with commercial traffic is not hard, as the airfield is littered with MiG-31’s and other camouflaged aircrafts. Helicopters are also able to land here, as well as prop transports. The commercial airlines that operate from the airport include S7 Airlines, Aeroflot, Domodedovo Airlines, Vladivostok Avia, Rossiya, Dalavia and Transaero.

As mentioned before, it is the attractions the lie just outside Yelizovo that have transformed the town into a tourist destination in Russia. One of the recommended sites to visit in the area is the Sosnovka Itelmen Camp, about an hour and a half drive from town. Here the Itelmen from the Yelizovo region are preserving their traditions and cultures, regaling visitors with legends, stories, dances and music that originate from their ancient ancestors. Guests will also be able to taste some of the traditional foods and drinks that are prepared over an open fire. The Nalychevsky Nature Park draws a lot of attention, as the very active Avachinsky and Koryaksky volcanoes loom over the breathtaking beauty of the park. The wildlife, hot springs, lakes and birds make the park a favorite amongst hikers and nature enthusiasts.

Yelizovo offers visitors the quiet and tranquility that only a small town can. With reasonably priced accommodation and friendly locals, there are many sites and attractions that await discovery by adventurous visitors. And there is nothing that gets the adrenalin pumping quite like a helicopter ride over the volcanoes that steam and bubble, just as a reminder that they are still very much alive.


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