Russian Film Industry - Growing Progressively

The film industry in Russia was previously not given much support since it was seen merely as a form of art and the potential economical impact of it was dismissed. Because of this rather unsupportive view that Old Russia had taken to the Russian Film Industry, many Russian film directors were not interested in the consequences of their work and so few looked for ways to improve current standards or start new trends. Fortunately some years ago the economic benefits of the Russian film industry were finally recognized. With this came a renewed interest in films and the film industry from the Russian public. Today the film industry in Russia is producing globally recognized works of the highest standards.

The entire Russian film industry, including theRussian film actors and the Russian film directors, were previously restricted by the local government who, up until recently, was the sole investors in the Russian film industry. This gave the government complete control over the scriptwriting and other aspects of filmmaking and often Russian film directors were forced to change or omit certain parts of their movies as the government saw fit. In 1996 the privatization of financial investments in the Russian film industry brought about new laws for Russian cinema. This law stipulated that taxation of private investors and the allocations made by the government be strictly reviewed. Not long afterwards, Russian film directors saw a massive boom in the financial sector of the industry. The result was a trend towards privately financed film productions and more and more freedom of expression and creativity in Russian films. The year 2000 saw renewed interest in the Russian cinema and ended a long economic crisis that was hampering the production of films and restricting film directors. Unfortunately, the 1996 law only provided taxation privileges up until the year 2001. Thus both Russian film directors and film actors saw a dramatic reduction in support from the private investment sector in 2002. Although the Russian actors do not get paid nearly as much as Hollywood stars do, they still deserve a paycheck. In order to pay those involved in the making of local movies, many film directors turn to Germany and France for financial assistance.

To encourage and publicize the Russian film industry and to bring well deserved notice to the Russian film actors and Russian film directors, Russian film festivals such as the Karlovy Vary Film Festival and the Sochi International Film Festival are a vital part of the filming industry. Without these Russian film festivals, actors, directors and film companies would go without recognition. Even today the various film companies involved in the industry endue a constant struggle with insufficient funding for their movie projects, as well as a lack of equipment and unqualified personnel. However despite these problems, Russia has still managed to bring to light world-class directors and noteworthy films.


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chuck ingalls - 2009-11-08 11:21:35

go putin! i started writing a film for russia about two years ago but stopped.hmm.....maybe i'll finish that thing.

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