Russian Film Directors - Exerting their Influence

Film has been around in Russia for a very long time, although most people do not think of Russia as a film producing country. There are a few significant Russian Film Directors who paved the way for the modern day directors and film directors who are making their mark in the local and foreign market.

In the limited environment of a Soviet Russia, one determined Russian film director stands out. Seregei Eisenstein was producing films in 1926, and although his films were censored world wide, and he often had the Soviet Government interfering in the production of his films, Eisenstein soldiered on and would not be deterred. Most of his films were rooted in the Soviet leadership, and they patronized them. In 1926, Eisenstein directed a film named “The Battleship Potemkin”. The film was shot down by critics, calling it “powerfully seditious” and was burnt on arrival at the French customs department. Britain banned the film until 1954, as it was said to be a blueprint for sailors to commit mutiny. In 1927 Eisenstein’s film, “October”, was released but had to be altered as Stalin wanted any references to Trotsky deleted and felt that he was not glorified in the film. Sergeii Eisenstein had many obstacles on his road, but remained a Russian film director who continued to produce films.

Aleksandr Sokurov boasts with a successful twenty-three year career as a Russian film director. He is also named at number twenty six on the list of the world’s forty most recognized film directors. His prolific career has thirty one credits to his name that includes feature films and documentaries. His most recent, and biggest success, being “Russian Ark”, a historic journey through the St Petersburg Hermitage Museum, and the movie “Father and Son” that concentrates on the father-son relationship between two soldiers.

Other Russian film directors that have claimed their slot in the industry are Oksana Cherkasova and Alexander Rastorguvev. They won the highest award at the 46th International Film Festival that was held in Leipzig. Oksana was presented with the Golden Dove award in the animated films section, for “A Man from the Moon”, and Rastorguyvev was awarded for a film that tells the story of a day in the life of a soldier in Chechnya. The prize was for an Outstanding East-European Documentary.

So, before the Hollywood lights blind your view, remember to look out for the above names and many other Russian film directors that are ranked with the top directors of the world, and deserve the recognition and praise for the work they have dedicated their lives to .


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