Prestigious Open Russian Film Festival in Sochi

The Open Russian Film Festival, also known as Kinotavr, is the biggest national film festival in Russia. The Kinotavr is held on the Black Sea Coast in Sochi, and all the biggest names in film directing, actors, actresses, scriptwriters and many others, converge here every June. The Open Russian Film Festival in Sochi has been running for sixteen years, and lasts for ten days. Many talented actors, directors and fanatastic films have been recognized and discovered here. The Kinotavr offers ten days filled with various programs and activities, of which the visitor may chose to attend.

The Kinotavr was founded by Mark Rudinstein at a time when the national distribution network was collapsing. Together with Oleg Yankovsky, the Open Russian Film Festival was born in 1990. The Russian film audiences supported the initiative with great enthusiasm in 1991, and from 1993 Sochi became the home of the Kinotavr. Sochi hosts two film festivals at the same time, namely the Open Russian Film Festival and the International Film Festival. The International Film Festival is registered with the FIAPF. In 1995, Mark Rudinstein decided to step down, and handed the festival to Alexander Rodniansky and Igor Tolstunov, which in turn set up a board of trustees to manage and assist with the festival and its arrangements.

The Kinotavr offers a range of activities during the festival. Concerts by the stars, various shows, and great entertainment make up the cultural program of the festival, with special screenings of films in the square in front of the Winter Theatre. In the evenings, the square becomes and open air cinema under the stars. And with press conferences, round tables and masters classes taking place, Sochi comes alive with activity. But the most anticipated moment of the festival must be the opening of ceremonies and the closing of ceremonies at the Kinotavr. As this is when the “Star Walk” takes place, and all the most popular film directors, most beautiful actresses, most handsome actors and the most talented screenwriters can be seen making their way to the Winter Theatre.

It was at the sixteenth Open Russian Film Festival in Sochi that Kinotavr was named the main Russian film festival, by Mikhail Shvydkoi in his opening speech. And the management and organizers of the festival are planning to keep it that way, and already have plans to broaden the festival and make it a stronger and more spectacular festival with each year.


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