Russia's Wonderful Bird Species

The birds of Russia calculate to a staggering amount of more than 700 species, scattered through various areas of the country. Russian bird life is best seen at reserves that offer bird watching tours and guides that have studied wildlife biology, and will be able to provide information in regard to the birds.

In summer the Russian bird life grows with migratory birds that are traveling to a warmer climate. Some of these birds include Red-necked Phalaropes, Brent Geese and Black-bellied Plovers. Some of the birds can only be viewed overhead as they usually make non-stop flights to their destinations, while others stop for a quick forage. The months of spring bring paddle ducks, swans, wood pigeons, geese, diving ducks and a variety of wader species to Russia. Most of the geese species will feed in large open fields and overnight on the safety of a lake, before continuing on their journey. The biggest concentration of geese that are seen are the White-fronted Geese, while Bean Geese, Tundra Bean Geese and Taiga Bean Geese make up the rest. Barnacle Geese are increasing in population growth each year, and are being sighted earlier annually.

Birds of Russia that stand out because of their unusual coloring are hybrid individuals, albinos and melano birds that are easily spotted amongst the others. Rare visitors to Russia, such as the Red Breasted Goose, Brent Goose and Canada Goose are also seen by lucky bird watchers. Ducks that are native to Russia are the Mallard ducks, Green-Winged Teal, Northern Pintail, Northern Shoveler and Garganey ducks. Diving duck species include the Greater Scaup, Common Scoter, Tufted Duck and the White-winged Scoter.

Transient flocks of Bewick and Whooper swans frequently cross over Russia, although it is only the Bewick Swans that can be seen stopping over in specific, shallow coastal areas. The Great Bittern, White Storks and Gray Herons are commonly found in the coastal region, while the Gray Heron is not usually seen during the summer months.

In the raptor sector, Rough-legged and Common Buzzards are located in Russia, including Kestrels, Sparrow hawks, Merlins, Golden Eagles, Lesser Spotted Eagles, White-tailed Sea Eagles, and Short-toed Eagles. The Honey Buzzard and Goshawks are fairly common, whereas the Red-footed Falcon, Black Kite and Peregrine Falcons are only viewed on a rare occasion.

Due to the diversity of the Russian bird species and the locations that are frequented by them, it is advised that avid bird watchers contact the nature reserves to receive a listing of the birds that inhabit their reserve. And, as mentioned before, guides can give useful and informative insight into the life cycles and habits of the birds found in their area.


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