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Annya 5th March 2001 11:22

Privet all !

Can somebody translate this in russian lang. (not in russian alphabets though)
"Did I hurt you ever" please?



Inga_Tepljashina 5th March 2001 16:31

Dear Annya!

Ja postarajus perevesti etot vopros kak mozhno ponjatnee. Skoree vsego perevod sledujuschij:
"Razve ja tebja kogda-nibud obizhal?" Ili obizhala, v zavisimosti kto komu eto govorit. "To hurt" - znachit delat bolno(v prjamom i perenosnom smysle), obizhat.
No esche blizhe k russkomu "obizhat" budet - "to hurt smb's

Nadejus, chto ja tebe pomogla, hot nemnogo.
Vsego horoshego!
Take care!

Annya 6th March 2001 10:09

Please repeat
Privet Inga,

Bolshoe spacigo for your letter. But Sorry to write that I really can't understand Russian. Just know a few words. VERY SORRY. But would really appreciate it if u will write me again in English language. I just wanted to know the russian translation of that line. Rest of the letter should be in english :-) .

So you are russian. Are you?

Bolshoe spacibo.


RussianPrince 6th March 2001 20:51


The girl before me was trying to give you this phraze which means "did I ever hurt you?" --- "Razve ja tebja kogda-nibud obizhal?" . If you have any other questions concerning Russian language, don't be afraid to write me at, I regulary check my e-mail every weekday.


Annya 7th March 2001 00:40

Hi Andrei,

Kak dela? Well, bolshoe spacibo for reply. Definitely will ask u questions reg. russian language.
Ooohhhh! the translation is very big. Even difficult to speak.
Anyway, thanks.

Do svidaniya,

Disa 28th March 2001 15:38

Another variant of translation:
"Obizhal li ya tebya kogda-nibud'?"

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