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VlasUkie 28th September 2000 14:44

There is a growing trade in the illegal transportation of young East European women to the west. The young women are often conned by the promise of work only to find themselves in a huge amount of debt and are then forced to work as prostitutes to pay this money back... which they never can.
It seem to me that this subject (a huge cause for concern) is being grossly over looked in the west. What do you think? Do you know of any organizations that are looking into this issue? What could we do, if anything, about it?
This is a link to the report from the 1998 Budapest Seminar on Trafficking Women:-
I would be grateful for any ideas or opinions,

RickSpencer 28th September 2000 17:01


Some 6-8 monthe ago, the show 60 Minutes ran a segment on this growing problem both here in the United States and in Europe. Several "rings" were broken up in Flordia. But according to that show, it looked impossible to stop the practice going on in Romania. Alot of dollars are involved.

Rick Spencer

Dr_Woland 28th September 2000 22:09

I completely agree, the whole thing is a massive scandal. Many Western countries have visa regulations which make it hard or commercially unworthwhile to try to bring these poor girls in... but others don't. Last week there were a series of arrests here in Moscow of men convicted of selling girls to brothels in Saudi Arabia. There are persistent reports of massive schemes of this kind in Turkey.

It's not only the "West" though - a large number of the prostitutes working in Prague and Budapest are Russians.

Dr W.

CHUCK_C 6th October 2000 10:36

Dear Vlas,
I agree this is a problem many places.
I personally myself and I emplore all americans to extend a hand of frendship to these people coming to this country and help keep them out of the hands of the corrupt.Unfortunatly there is not much more I or any americans can do here.I am always glad to help anyone and also assist in any legal or other personal problems they may have.This kind of slavery is not accepted in this country and there are always alternitives.Please feel free to contact me if you know of such persons in need.Prostitution is legal in only one state here,but forcing someone to work is not legal anywhere here.So I ask all people coming to this country,ask for help,someone can help,but only if they know help is needed.I have tried to help american prostitutes I have met but they did not want help,for them it is easy money.So just ask,we have people that speak all languages.
Sincerly Chuck C.

JasonM 7th October 2000 04:46

Just a note, Prostitution in itself is not legal in any state(they call it something else You are probably referring to the Nevada State loophole whih allows brothel type settlements to operate in select outskirts. They are not allowed to advertise in any way. I know of a great outreach program that helps many people around the world with a great care for "lost" women/teens. If anyone is wanting more info send me an email at work... ... I will give you all the info you need.

With a little research, anything can be discovered.

CHUCK_C 7th October 2000 09:51

Thanks Jason,
I stand corrected on the "legal" issue and as you have also shown,help is available to all that seek in many forms.

TxBlondy2 10th November 2000 04:57

I also saw the 60 Minutes News Show about Russian women wanting to become models that signed contracts to do so for the European and American markets and then were taken out of their country to Israel to become prostitutes.

These women are being held captive to perform "duties" of which they did not agree to, but see no way out and fear them men that keep control of them. The Israelis make them fear the police so bad that they hide from them during police raids.

I found this absolutely appalling that they are being held in a country that should know first hand about citizens being subdued and forced into "labor camps".

Nonson 10th November 2000 18:44

Pity for the poor, dumb, ignorant, stupid, naive woman. In willingly signing a legal instrument which clearly states that she will be performing indecent, immoral, and even depraved acts, she (this wretched creature) knows not what she's doing, and ought now to be looked upon as a victim. Give me a break!

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redfoxyvixen 13th August 2002 17:58

adopt orphans

Originally posted by Dr_Woland
I completely agree, the whole thing is a massive scandal. Many Western countries have visa regulations which make it hard or commercially unworthwhile to try to bring these poor girls in... but others don't. Last week there were a series of arrests here in Moscow of men convicted of selling girls to brothels in Saudi Arabia. There are persistent reports of massive schemes of this kind in Turkey.

It's not only the "West" though - a large number of the prostitutes working in Prague and Budapest are Russians.

Dr W.

tzucca 4th October 2002 06:10

the illegal transportation of young East European women to the west
These deperate women should turn themselves in to the local police. They should remain quiet. They will not be arrested by masked men or seized in their own home. Neither will they not be been seen again. In fact, their community may be able to find an honourable job for them somehere in North America.

Imagine 15th December 2002 22:39

What is it about these women that bring such feelings of anger and complacency inside of you? I wonder how opinions like yours affect their decisions.

CastleStormer 16th December 2002 01:07

I can answer that Imagine.
"You're either part of the problem or part of the solution" People like Nonson do nothing but perpetuate the problem. They must already have feelings of desperation to allow themselves to be used in that way. Reading words like Nonson's just reinforces the psychological feelings of inadequacy and desperation. I heard a guy say once "Once a whore, always a whore". Makes you wonder doesn't it? He talks like a "John".

Somebody needs to give them hope, as well as help.

carter 9th March 2003 20:29

Comprehension outside of your "self"
Trafficking and selling women isn't a good thing and it's quiet illegal.

That said, prostitution is not illegal in Russia. The history of prostituion in Russian is a long and respected one within their culture. They look at it a little differently, to say the least, though there are certainly differing opinions within their society, as one would expect.

What's just as clear as the problem of human trafficking by reading some posts here is the utter contempt and desrespect you show, with your vile whining holier-than-thou attitude, for Russian women and their culture.

The adage goes - don't judge a man before you've walked a mile in his shoes.

To have such a strong opinion of what "they" need when you don't know sh*t about "them" or "they" is why you laughably get charged double or triple their negotiable rate. The fact that most prostitution is Moscow is done by women of higher education levels than that of people who post here should shed light on why the rhetoric herein is rather ineffectual and invalid.

Russian women are free to choose where and what to do for work and some choose part-time prostitution when they need to earn extra money away from their full-time job, of being a medical doctor for example. If you have a problem with this then get to know your "they" and all your answers will become crystal clear if your IQ will allow it.

Other than that - take you stinkin' know-it-all attitude and try to pawn it, "they" need fifty bucks for rent and your morality isn't currency. Plus your opinion's essence is simply a whore to popular thought in the small world you know. Most especially if you live in close proximity to a library yet will not avail yourself to education.

Let me sum up my point since you probably missed it - Russian, and French as well, history and culture is different than American so try to understand this before you judge "they" because you don't exist in nor are you likely capable of exisitng in their cicumstances. Being a simple-minded altruist is not a virtue. To understand that many smart women do what they have to do today so that their daughters will never have to do what they've done shouldn't be such a earth shaking relevation. I went to a State University, I ain't no genius so it can't be that hard to figure out.

Organized Human Trafficking is not legal and obviously it's not a good thing but talking about it without action does not change anything. Remove Putin and Kuchma from their Presidential positions in their criminal States and things might change. There's who to blame for human slavery.

[Edited by carter on 9th March 2003 at 23:43]

gull 24th April 2003 12:18


Fae 22nd May 2003 12:35

to the person who could not believe that those women were portrayed as victims--wake up! these woman have been living in sheltered countries, they don't know about those these. most of them come from poor families anyway, and they would jump at any chance to make money to send home to their families. they don't know any better. and for your information, once you're caught up in it, its very hard to escape. most countries don't have any set crime (years in prison) consequences or fines or whatever for illegal prostitution or human trafficking. if you dont work, they beat the **** out of you until you do. if you run away, there are some police officers who work for them--you never know who they are--who will just turn you in, right back to where you ran away from. they are no help at all, and sometimes they will even force you to pleasure THEM. and once you are in a foreign country, you run the risk of being arrested as an illegal--well if the pimp got you into the country with a fake visa or something that is. if you ran away what could you do, so that is why some of them are victims. its like a domestic abuse case, almost. he OWNS you and then there is nothing you can do about it you can disappear in a million places. there's been some new movements, but i don't think that it is going to become a very big one, after all, there are some very seriously dangerous traffickers out there

email me, Fae , 17 years old

rikbe 22nd May 2003 14:25

Polinka74 13th June 2003 01:14

Re: Comprehension outside of your
" Remove Putin and Kuchma from their Presidential positions in their criminal States and things might change. There's who to blame for human slavery."

I'd say let's first take Lukashenko down!

Desperate 16th June 2003 00:24

Seen it been there.
I have recently spent some time in the UAE. Dubai to be specific. Let me tell you, when it comes to Russian prostitutes, this place takes the cake.
It is most unfortunate for most of these women/girls. A lot of them that I had the opportunity to talk with, all told me the same story.
They came to the Emerates under the assumption that they were to start a new job in retail, as one example, making 30,000 USD/year. They would fly in with a group of girls all of whom were coming for the same opportunity. This gave the girls comfort in numbers. Once in Dubai, the pimp would meet them at the airport and take them to their new residence. The pimp then takes the girls passport and informs the girls as to what their job will actually entail. The girls are beaten and raped repeatedly if they refuse to work. The girls arrive on a tourist VISA which is usually 3-6 months long. If the girls do not make enough money to buy back their passport in that time frame, then they become wanted by the police for being illegal aliens.
If caught by the police without valid papers, they are sent to prison for 2 years and then deported. While in prison which is operated by men, the girls are raped and beaten for their entire 2 year stay. Needless to say most of the girls are ruined for life. Some commit suicide to end their misery.

Now lets take a look at these lovely girls. Most are single mothers who are expecting to be able to support their children back home. But 90% of all monies made goes to pay off their pimp. Some of the lucky girls will meet a local man who will marry them. But that is not very common happening. Very few of them speak english.

It upset me more than I thought it could have. I am not one who lets things trouble me. But this issue has hit a nerve. The fact that these girls are tricked into the trade of prostitution with very little hope of ever getting out the business really bothers me. Now I know there are people out there who will say the girls know exactly what they are getting themselves into but I have seen it with my own eyes. The faces of the girls told everything. They are scared and the worst thing about the situation in the UAE, is that the girls are completely unaware of the trouble to set in once their VISA's expire. The girls strive to get the money as fast as they can to get their passports back. But the pimp keeps increasing the amount owed. A little bit at a time. The girls have no chance to escape. The police are corrupt and some of them are pimps themselves. So what chance do the girls have? NONE!!!!

I could go on about this all night long. But my fingers might start to cramp up.
I just wanted to get that of of my chest. The exploitation has to end. The more people that are made aware of the problem, the better.
Oh and I agree with all of what Fae said.

Desperate---to help

CastleStormer 20th June 2003 17:30

I do Rikbe!
There's hope and they can get free. I've seen it plenty of times.

Desperate 28th June 2003 03:02

Thank you CastleStormer. You can probably imagine what I have seen. It is a very horrible situation.

Thanks for seeing my side of things.


Andre-G 28th June 2003 11:14

I think that it is good that we can deel with this problem on the forum here by talking about it but I think we could take it a step further if we tried to do something about.

french_gentleman 1st July 2003 19:44

On judging women
I will quote Joseph Campbell to answer those who judge women who fell in prostitution:

By deficient eyes, woman is reduced to inferior states;
by the evil eye of ignorance she is spellbound to banality and ugliness. But she is redeemed by the eyes of understanding. Only by gentleness can she be comprehended and rightly served.

In France, I hear many stupid men and women saying that every Russian woman is a prostitute. I answer them:
"You know, there are some French prostitutes, so I believe that every French woman is a prostitute. Your mother and sister must be prostitutes". Usually they get angry, but at least, they get the picture and begin to realize their shortmindedness.

Desperate 2nd July 2003 16:36

Here here. You hit the nail on the head my friend!!
Thank you for the quote.


Imagine 2nd July 2003 19:24

I just realized...
that for a large part of my life I have not really liked can that be? I am a is interesting to me as I start to enjoy things about myself..I can also enjoy things about other women. I think fear is a chilling superior to emotion, realization, and resolve.
I agree..saying something is much less effort than doing something...I think the clarity is in the steps toward discovering reality.

I have a perspective of sorts framed with cellophane tape on my counter with the idea not to forget it's wisdom..

It says something like this..I do not remember the authour but it's not me.

"We pray for reality to break into our souls, to understand it and make it better than it was, and to give us back the divine presence of life."

I am thankful that God does that for me.

ja32d5a 8th September 2003 07:20

thanks deperate for your nice post , but allow me to comment !!!

I've been to the UAE , dubai to be specific too , alot as a matter of fact I still go there alot , very nice place , I love it a lot .

Like you started your topic , these poor girls come to dubai , because they are promised they will make too much money per year basis . now , I had the chance also , or shall I say ( chances ) to talk to a lot of these women , and trust me when I say alot , and if you went to any night club in Dubai you will know what I mean by a lot . anyways , most of these girls have the same story , but it is not as bad as you make it sound , because most of them came to dubai and they knew what are they going to do for work , AT first , this is what most of the girls have told me , they come to dubai because they are sick of thier homes they are not treated right , and they want a new life , I ask but is this the kind of life you need , in the arm of diffirent man everynight , and hiding from the police , with an expired visa ( by the way most of the girls I met have a 14 days visa only , which means much more trouble than the 3-6 months visa ) . so , they start explaining more to me , they are in the line of work but not for long , HOW ? they come to dubai with an arrangement with the pimp , the arrangement say that each girl must pay 8,000 dirhams or around US $2130 , after they pay their debt the pimp renew their visa , find them a job , in a shop, a resturant , etc..... . so , the job pays fine. now after paying their debts getting their passports back , having a job , they still are in the field of prostitution , I ask why ? reply "EXTRA MONEY" in fact toooooooo much of the extra money , that the day time job is just a decoy for the visa . I swear to God I look amazed that my eyes almost going to fall out of thier place my mouth is so wide open seeing the girls smiling after telling me all this , they reply , we are getting what we were promised before we come "lots of money" . and like desperate said most these women have children back home to support. Another sad story , couple of weeks ago I was there , went to a night club , and same old same old , the girls are still there , this time I saw this girl , exceptional an EXTREMLY BEAUTIFUL GIRL , couldn't believe my eyes , in my heart I said I hope she is just here for fun not a "working girl" I approached her , talked to her for about 2 minutes , and she asked , you want take me out ? I replied of course , still having the thought she is not a "working girl" , and then she claimed her price . I am telling you I was sooo shocked I think I went into a coma for about 5 seconds . anyways, I wanted to know her story now , a very very very fine looking girl a prostitute!, what the hell ? I want to know why ? the time was around 1 a.m took her out (don't get any ideas) we went to a resturant pizza hut to be exact ( she wanted pizza ) , so we talked , long story short , the girl is amazingly happy , and she still haven't paid her debt , I swear to God , when she said she still owe have of the money to the pimp , I got up and took 4000 dirhams or around US $1,050 and told her take it , and stop what you are doing , find yourself a good job , with your beautiful looks it won't be a hard work . she said even if I took your money , MY TWO OTHER SISTERS will still be working , and we all help each other , and I can't leave them alone since I am the one who called them and told them to come to dubai and work with me , I asked as prositutes ? she said YES.

of course the night went on and on and on , too much to say , and I think I bored you already . I hope I hear your comments .

Desperate 10th September 2003 19:02

Hello ja32d5a, it is nice to read your post. I agree with all that you have said. I have learned a lot more about the girls in Dubai since my first post. Yes the clubs are jammed full of young and old prostitutes from all over. But mostly from the Russian states or Russia itself. I was just recently back to Dubai for a visit but this time it was personal. You see, I fell in love with one of these girls. Now she is no longer working and we are to be married sometime in the future. So I know all too well what is going on in Dubai and other places where this activity is taking place. It is a real shame, because these women are just trying to survive and selling their bodies is what the have had to resort to in order to stay alive. I feel bad for the ones who must work and cannot find a way out or a job that pays a good wage. I am a lucky man to have found such a beautiful and loving woman. Not all can be so lucky.
So, whatever your circumstances are good luck and all the best.

Not so Desperate anymore..:)

ja32d5a 11th September 2003 05:45

wow , congratulations , I'm sure she a lovely girl . and specially if she is russian . and to tell you the truth It won't belong tell I have a visit myslef to dubai and it is going to be personal :). anyways , congratulations again.

Desperate 11th September 2003 21:06

Thanks Ja. BTW, she is Ukranian.
Good luck with your next trip to Dubai. :)

I hope you find happiness or whatever it is you are looking for. :)


cepguu 14th September 2003 23:21


Mr. Desperate:

You picked up a working girl, married her, and now you are riding around on the moral high horse about "saving the poor girls from evil prostitution"? How in the first place did you get the opportunities to do all those intimate social surveys in the first place? you are a truly pathetic sick old piece of brown dog waste. Go yolb your sick self. Your wife will do better sleeping with Arabic terrorists for money than be stucked in your smelly bed for the rest of her life.

Desperate 15th September 2003 14:47

You are just another poor excuse for someone who has nothing better to do with their time than to ridicule others. Obviously you have never loved or have been loved before. That is sad. I got all of my information from my fiancee's friends and her. She is the only one I had a relation with. I did not rescue her. We fell in love. Plain and simple. Whether she was a working girl or not, I still would have fallen in love with her. You have NO right to judge what you know nothing about. You are just a miserable excuse for a person. Actually, you are not worth the forum space here to reply to. I pity you.

cepguu 15th September 2003 17:26

I did not mean to ridicule you. I found your whole mindset downright reprehensible and sickening, and I felt that I had to express this sentiment with frankness. Perhaps I used some excessive language with a total stranger and in regard to his personal life. Had you put on a post about you finding some wonderful love, I would have certainly kept silent, even if I were some paranoid schizo who just checked out of the mental hospital. Like you, I am a man, and a traveller. And we both understand well that in certain Arabic countries foreign male travellers don't get the opportunity to associate with strange women, other than with prostitutes. Had you put on a string of vulgar words to the effect that Slavic pizda tasted nice, I would have found the statement boring and mildly offensive but I would certain have also skimmed over it. But you had to dress up your trips to the foreign brothels and whatever romantic sublimations thereafterwards, (neither of which I wish to ridicule or condemn, by the way), in that haughty and patronizing evangelical language of yours, as if all of it was some sort of a missionary calling. That's what I found truely sickening. Now have I misunderstood you of what? Do a favor to all the innocent dead Americans from 9/11 and do desist from further trips to the viccinity of Middle East, will you? My kind sir? And do also desist from sharing your missionary fervors with any one from the Islamic persuasion? All I did was to have thrown some insults. Some other guy might just conclude that it's better to blow everything up ("Oppression is worse than death" -- Koran, and I am neither a Muslim nor Arabic, by the way), than to exist in a world to be lorded over and "saved" by the likes of yours highly. If you are able to understand even 5% of the point behind this admittedly fierce reaction, than I thank you and apologize. Otherwise, I have called you some names, and you have described my entire imaginary (according to you) miserable existence, so let's leave it at that.

Desperate 17th September 2003 15:15

You did not fully understand where I was coming from. No problem. I am not out to save all of the working girls. I found my true love and thats it. End of story.
Let's leave it at that.


JF1980 15th April 2004 04:04

Yes, nice post Desperate (well not nice but you know what I mean), one that really hits a painful nerve. I fell for a Russian girl here in Turkey, you can read my experiance here under the same username. God I miss her.

I guess things work in a similar way here. She always thought her pimp (or madame) was a 'friend' but I could see otherwise. She would come and see the girls for a few days and basically make sure that they wasted most of the money that the did have on drink or drugs, they didn't have much choice in it. She hated it, I remember sometimes she would come in at 4am and lay in bed crying. She mentioned once that she had some friends in Dubai and it is 'very good' there, I told her it is no better there, the only way to have a better life is to get out of the business.

I hope to god that she didn't go out there. I wish there was some way I could find her just to see that she is alright, it keeps me awake some nights just wondering. I wish I could have 'got her out' at the time, but it was very dodgy. Her pimp knew what we were up to and gave me some very bad looks anytime I saw her. Being russian maffia, if I was to try and get her out of things at that time I think we could have both just 'dissapeared'. I don't have the $20k for a private investigator right now, I might not have it for god knows how long, but hopefully when I do, they can find her so I at least know if she is ok.

Funny thought just crossed my mind, wouldn't it be funny if the girl you are marrying is the same one, lol. When you were out there you didn't happen to meet anyone called Elena (or Albina as she was called here), short hair, 21 and had previously been in Turkey? That must narrow it down to about 30% of the population huh :)

Anyway, glad to hear things are working out for you. At least there is one happy ending out there.


masq 15th April 2004 20:49


Originally posted by Dr_Woland
I completely agree, the whole thing is a massive scandal. Many Western countries have visa regulations which make it hard or commercially unworthwhile to try to bring these poor girls in... but others don't. Last week there were a series of arrests here in Moscow of men convicted of selling girls to brothels in Saudi Arabia. There are persistent reports of massive schemes of this kind in Turkey.

It's not only the "West" though - a large number of the prostitutes working in Prague and Budapest are Russians.

Dr W.

But west claims to be the human rights friendly nations.

apathy 20th August 2004 18:58

I know this thread seems dead, what with no new updates but I would like to just add what its like here.

Here, in Singapore, we do have Russian women working as prostitutes. Some double up as tourists and come down for a couple of weeks, enjoying the sights and sounds of Singapore and shopping, at the same time working and earning money. They earn quite a lot here owing to the fact that European prostitutes are a rarity and thus are a novelty among the Asian men.

The thing is, they do not come here as victims. As I have stated above, they are tourists as well and as one of the prostitutes say "Why do I do this job? Its because I am getting two things I love. Money and sex. What other jobs can offer such things hand-in-hand?"

They are not extremely poor or very hard pressed for money. They were during the early years but now, they can afford branded goods like LV and Gucci and Valentino and etc. Prostitution, thus, is just like any other job a woman will choose. At least in the context now even though it is degrading in a moral sense.

Although I do find it disgusting the fact that some Asian men here go for European prostitues because, just once, they want to feel like they are dominating over the 'whites' even though it is in a degrading manner.

janekeeler 19th September 2004 04:41

Here are some links to organizations that deal with this issue in Russia, Eastern Europe and other areas, as well as articles and reports on the topic:

Giyena2017 26th September 2004 22:53

I agree completely, and i want to comment on this. Some months ago i met a girl from russia in Greece. I had to leave Greece though because i live in Germany. I will go back soon though to do anything possible for her.

She is kind of imprisoned, and forced to be a prostitute.
Greek authorities are paid for doing nothing while she is "raped" every day and the sad thing about this is that there are hundreds of these Girls there.

Men who keep the girls are threatening them, and treat them like animals. This girl has lost her mind and doesnt have a point to live.

janekeeler 26th September 2004 23:19

contact this organization:
they do anti-human-trafficking work in greece, and could perhaps provide advice or assistance.

Giyena2017 28th September 2004 21:20

I would like to thank you for your time spended in searching to find this site. I hope I will find something usefull there.

Thanks a lot again my friend.

Giyena2017 28th September 2004 22:08

Prostitutes in Greece
Hm.. I suppose that it may seem similar to how this dirty job is done to other countries.
In my previous post i mentioned i that i was going back soon and i did.

I took advantage of my connections in Greece since my mother works as a lawyer there.
Well of course there are high rates of coruption. Behind every of these unlucky girls there is at least one corupted police officer involved.

For a start, the story of these girls begin this way:
Girls from Eastern european countries usually are promised a better life and then are brought to Greece.
Then they are forced to become prostitutes. (this is a known story which is common nearly everywhere.)
You all know that there are some requirements in order for a "shop" like that to open. Police is supposed to check if these requirements are met in every shop in a regular basis.
Unfortunately it takes place this way:
policeman: Hallo! Im here to check if everything works just fine! If you know what i mean...
Pimp: Welcome! I can assure you everything works just fine trust me! I'm gonna bring some green papers (100 euros bank notes) that will surely convince you.
Policeman: I see... everything is leagal here. Thank you for your time. See you in one month.

It may seem funny to some but it's the truth.
An other issue is that according to the law is that if a prostitute asks to stop doing this job, nobody has no right to prevent her from doing it.
Every girl says that she does want to keep working there but behind this fear is hidden. The men who keep them inprisoned tell the girls that if they even think of leaving they will beat them so hard that they wont think of anything any more. These men keep the girls' passports so that they can prevent them from leaving the country. Whenever these girls need their passports for leagal issues for example to renew their green cards, they take the passport from these men, do the required opperations and then these men take the passports back.
These "men" beat a girl (any girl) to death from time to time in order to scare the other girls.
Everyday, one of them (they are 10 maximum) takes the girl to the brothel to "work" and then takes her back and locks her up in her appartment up to the other day when the proceedure will be repeated.
Of course it's not possible to let a girl run away for 2 reasons.
1. The other girls may desire to leave as well.
2. The average prostitute, (oh my god im stated this like im talking about products.)works for 8 hours and receives a "client" every 20 minutes. 20 "clients" a day average. The price for a woman's most precious parts of her self, her body and her mind is about 25euros. (Average price for 8-10 minutes in a room with a man) If the prostitute works 25 days a month, she generates about 7500-8000 euros a month. She only uses about 1200-1500 euros for her self and the rest of the money are shared between these men and the corrupted police officers.
It is really beyond human logic how a person can treat an other human beings like that. I hope that something will be done soon about these.

As for me, when i gather enough evidence, I will sue some "men" here in the counrty of Zorbas...

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