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jutka 8th June 2006 09:21

I guess I did - but the thread was right here on the first page so I didn't notice. It's a dead part of the forum.

CastleStormer 8th June 2006 20:53

And it is still a very pertinent topic.

HATALbR 4th July 2006 01:55


In america, all ladies will sooner or later find themselves in quite a bit of debt. The solution is suppose to be called marriage! In this case, many american women will find themselves on their backs.

Biologically speaking, this would be the nature of it all....

And "slave trade," it's obviously clear (since the beginning of recorded mankind) to be an issue that just won't "go away...."

What is your care? Is your sister missing?

On a serious note:

Welcome to!

HATALbR 4th July 2006 02:02

Look at the date!

I won't hold my breath for a response!

I like that Cepguu character more everytime I read his threadsl, though...


omygod 12th January 2007 03:29


Originally Posted by ;179456
In France, I hear many stupid men and women saying that every Russian woman is a prostitute.

Hmm...I wonder what give them that impression. Maybe this:
January 11, 2007

"French authorities have detained Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov for questioning to links with international prostitution ring. Prokhorov, the chief executive of Russian mining giant OAO Norilsk Nickel, was taken into custody Tuesday in the Alpine ski resort of Courchevel, Lyon Prosecutor Xavier Richaud said."

Jeff M. 29th May 2007 09:22

response to txblondy2
Isreali women groups pressed the lawmakers for tough laws against this sort of crime and
succeeded in getting it. If you import a minor girl into Isreal for prostitution, the punishment is
even more severe.
( see a book titled "The Isrealis" ):)

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