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Seen it been there.

I have recently spent some time in the UAE. Dubai to be specific. Let me tell you, when it comes to Russian prostitutes, this place takes the cake.
It is most unfortunate for most of these women/girls. A lot of them that I had the opportunity to talk with, all told me the same story.
They came to the Emerates under the assumption that they were to start a new job in retail, as one example, making 30,000 USD/year. They would fly in with a group of girls all of whom were coming for the same opportunity. This gave the girls comfort in numbers. Once in Dubai, the pimp would meet them at the airport and take them to their new residence. The pimp then takes the girls passport and informs the girls as to what their job will actually entail. The girls are beaten and raped repeatedly if they refuse to work. The girls arrive on a tourist VISA which is usually 3-6 months long. If the girls do not make enough money to buy back their passport in that time frame, then they become wanted by the police for being illegal aliens.
If caught by the police without valid papers, they are sent to prison for 2 years and then deported. While in prison which is operated by men, the girls are raped and beaten for their entire 2 year stay. Needless to say most of the girls are ruined for life. Some commit suicide to end their misery.

Now lets take a look at these lovely girls. Most are single mothers who are expecting to be able to support their children back home. But 90% of all monies made goes to pay off their pimp. Some of the lucky girls will meet a local man who will marry them. But that is not very common happening. Very few of them speak english.

It upset me more than I thought it could have. I am not one who lets things trouble me. But this issue has hit a nerve. The fact that these girls are tricked into the trade of prostitution with very little hope of ever getting out the business really bothers me. Now I know there are people out there who will say the girls know exactly what they are getting themselves into but I have seen it with my own eyes. The faces of the girls told everything. They are scared and the worst thing about the situation in the UAE, is that the girls are completely unaware of the trouble to set in once their VISA's expire. The girls strive to get the money as fast as they can to get their passports back. But the pimp keeps increasing the amount owed. A little bit at a time. The girls have no chance to escape. The police are corrupt and some of them are pimps themselves. So what chance do the girls have? NONE!!!!

I could go on about this all night long. But my fingers might start to cramp up.
I just wanted to get that of of my chest. The exploitation has to end. The more people that are made aware of the problem, the better.
Oh and I agree with all of what Fae said.

Desperate---to help
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