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Russian Waifs

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Old 9th August 2002, 14:33
Shamrock777 Shamrock777 is offline
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Yeah... A pretty long thread. Are you, guys, serious? What's the problem? A guy happened to come across some roadside girls and he was so deeply touched by what he saw that he rushed to tell everybody about that. Poor, poor girls, a suffering country... How touching. He sounds as if he has never seen one in his life and now it has become a great revelation for him to know that such women actually exist (in Russia, in the USA, UK ... all over the world). He might have written another story, something like "Once I went for a walk in (destination) and saw prostitutes out there." Prostitution is a social, not a national phenomenon.
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Old 21st December 2002, 08:19
Imagine Imagine is offline
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When I read this thread, many emotions...

found me. I wondered how there is money for sexual aide but not humanitarian aide. I wondered if people were there to tell them that they matter to God, and they matter to us, what would be different? I wonder why so many women think that just because they sleep with men for free, they are not selling themselves as well. Don't they get what they want or need from them? Affection? Personal affirmation..etc..
Aren't they massaging an affair as well..even if it is of the heart, if they aren't sincerely in love strong enough to embrace each other past the trivial first years..aren't they the one they identify, in the mirror? Nina, your pride in yourself is admirable. I am thankful you made it through journeys many of us could never fully understand.
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Old 21st December 2002, 20:11
komsomolsk komsomolsk is offline
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Of course it would be nice if everyone knew and understood what they were worth as a person and a child of the Almighty God. But we live in a fallen world. A world where women need money to live, just as all people do. A world where their children are starving and if they do not do this then no one else will take care of them. I definitely do not think this is a matter of these women not understanding what they are doing. They know that they are losing a peice of themselves, but who else will take care of them? We are all nice and fine trying to determine these things into words, but who will be the ones to go over there and offer then another solution?
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Old 1st June 2003, 02:25
Rain Rain is offline
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Stop humouring the author of the story. I doubt he meant to envoke sympathy, rather to paint a realistic picture of a serious problem in Russia today. The profession might be ancient, but when millions of women do it out of need then something must be done about it. Just like because violence and war is inseparatable human trend, it does not mean that we shouldnt fight to prevent genocide and war.

Russian government today is a corrupt, ugly, murdering monster that must be replaced. Until Russian people realize that only they hold the power to their salvation, until they go out on the street and demand their rights, nothing will change. Its the biggest country in the world, one of the most beautiful and rich ones. Its a God's gift. It shouldnt be abused...

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