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Racism in Russia

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Old 4th May 2004, 13:01
edilhan edilhan is offline
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Originally posted by durak

Racism is on the rise worldwide and cannot be accepted in a civilised multi-ethnical society.

multi-ethnical society..it is the real problem not nazis or commies
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Old 4th May 2004, 13:40
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Edilhan, your racistic remarks are not really apreciated on this board and are also against the policies u agreed with by becoming a member of this board.

You can have your opinion, i can have mine. But to make yourself better than the other , in the way that you do is simply a crime to humanity........
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Old 11th June 2005, 04:08
Krasniy Krasniy is offline
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Cool Reply to Vinnie

Hi Vinnie! I'm originally from Moscow. I live in the US, but I'm in Russia every summer. I'll tell you that Russia isn't so bad, anymore. Russians have become very culturally and socially Western European. Many Russians ARE going to disapprove of you and Elene, but they'll be tolerant, and they won't say much. If you're going to go, now would be the best time. Go before there's another major Chechen uproar where everyone starts freaking out over nonRussians again. Don't worry, be yourself, and don't show fear. Since you're travelling to Novgorod, be cautious, but don't expect a full-on assault. It's not as bad as Moscow. Most Russians are all talk, anyway. I know from experience ;D.

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Old 11th June 2005, 04:18
Krasniy Krasniy is offline
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Talking Footnote

Now that I'm reading the dates on all these entries and stuff, I'm just a bit late....sorry! I'm so embarrassed. If you get to read this, I hope everything went well on the trip!
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Old 11th June 2005, 04:25
Booger Booger is offline
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Don't worry about it, Krasniy. I did the same thing when I first joined the forum.
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Old 20th July 2005, 08:53
Rimbaud Rimbaud is offline
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The posts are`nt exactly being bombbarded with activity are they!
Oh well...

On the nazi/nationalist front - its in every country sadly...confused people trying to feel included in something(no matter good or bad).

Whats the attitude towards Irish in Russia then?I`ll be there for a few months...really can`t wait for it!
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Old 6th May 2006, 08:04
realpolitic6 realpolitic6 is offline
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Exclamation It there a moderator on this site?

Originally Posted by Umri_Chechenskaya_Gryaz
how black?????? tedbell???

This message is very offensive and the screen name of the auhtor speaks for itself: 'Drop-Dead-Chechen-Dirt' ?! people are asking questions about racism in Russia, here you are, then, a skinhead or a mental case?

This kind of posting would not be tolerated on a website that condemns racism. This Russian forum is obviousely not at all against it. So, the answer is 'yes', there are plenty more of such things where this comes from.
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