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I am from present-day Chechnya.

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Old 8th November 2005, 12:12
OAslan OAslan is offline
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I am from present-day Chechnya.

I study at Grozny's University and should say that PACE and OSCE have wrongly refused to send their observers to our forthcoming parliamentary elections. As if they've performed their opinion, stumbling at democratic and free nature of these elections. But do gentlemen from these honourable organizations know that oncoming elections cannot be compared with such "democratic" elections as our past election of Dudaev, for instance? It's enough to remember that at that moment inhabitants of only 7 in 20 republican districts were able to poll their votes. And Georgian observers rendered this farce lawful! I'm not speaking about previous election of Maskhadov, held at gunpoint. And now at last our people have gained the right to elect and be elected without restraint. By the way, do you know that even former militants have the right to run for Ichkerian Parliament? Where else do you find more democratic elections, dear sirs?
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Old 2nd March 2006, 18:59
realpolitic6 realpolitic6 is offline
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Chechen elections - free? Really?

You seem to be very content with the elections Aslan, and claim there are no guns pointed at the voters?
It may be so, if you are on Kadyrov's - pro-Moscow site, but, it sounds very dubious that 'former rebels' can have their own party elected? This means 'former' as in 'reformed', I recon? How about everyone else, who would like to break away from Moscow's rule and to see their bandits army of looters, rapists and sadists leaving Chechen grounds?

There were always pro-Moscow Chechens like you, conformists, but, equally so and, maybe more, people who would like to have their own country with it's own culture developing without any pressure from Russia, what can the 'free' elections offer them?

You are in Grozny, obviously, feeling safe enough in the warm shade of the FSB (aka KGB), - what about the refugees in exile in other countries, near and far from where you are?

What you are saying to them is, basically, a provocation, a promise of false security, that is not there for a Chechen and never was, unless one embraces the Russian (previously Soviet) way of life, preferably with a full active membership of the above mentioned 'security' organisation - FSB? Once one has a 'little red book', - sure, one can feel safe even in Moscow.

One can even go on the world wide web and tell the world: 'It is all clear, come home, brothers!' and then what: watch the gullible ones disappear, or being shot, tortured? Or, look the other way?

Nice one, Aslan! Comrade Putin can be proud of you. A corroborator is a corroborator, a Chechen, a Nazi, or any other occupying force local supporter, the history has so many examples, not much is there to add...
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Old 6th July 2007, 15:31
Rehmat Rehmat is offline
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Chechen have been fighting the longest resistance in the modern history - over 200 years. Their problems always have been - their isolation by the rest of the Muslim world and the 'the collaborators within' (which we see in occupied Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan these days). What Russian elites are afraid off - is no different than the other European countries were in case of Bosnia in the 1990s - an emergence of a Muslim-majority or a confederation of Muslim countries.
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