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Prostitution Racket / Illegal Transportation of East European Women

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Old 28th September 2000, 14:44
VlasUkie VlasUkie is offline
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There is a growing trade in the illegal transportation of young East European women to the west. The young women are often conned by the promise of work only to find themselves in a huge amount of debt and are then forced to work as prostitutes to pay this money back... which they never can.
It seem to me that this subject (a huge cause for concern) is being grossly over looked in the west. What do you think? Do you know of any organizations that are looking into this issue? What could we do, if anything, about it?
This is a link to the report from the 1998 Budapest Seminar on Trafficking Women:- http://www.globalsurvival.net/projects/humantraffick/budapest.pdf
I would be grateful for any ideas or opinions,
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Old 28th September 2000, 17:01
RickSpencer RickSpencer is offline
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Some 6-8 monthe ago, the show 60 Minutes ran a segment on this growing problem both here in the United States and in Europe. Several "rings" were broken up in Flordia. But according to that show, it looked impossible to stop the practice going on in Romania. Alot of dollars are involved.

Rick Spencer
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Old 28th September 2000, 22:09
Dr_Woland Dr_Woland is offline
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I completely agree, the whole thing is a massive scandal. Many Western countries have visa regulations which make it hard or commercially unworthwhile to try to bring these poor girls in... but others don't. Last week there were a series of arrests here in Moscow of men convicted of selling girls to brothels in Saudi Arabia. There are persistent reports of massive schemes of this kind in Turkey.

It's not only the "West" though - a large number of the prostitutes working in Prague and Budapest are Russians.

Dr W.
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Old 6th October 2000, 10:36
CHUCK_C CHUCK_C is offline
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Red face

Dear Vlas,
I agree this is a problem many places.
I personally myself and I emplore all americans to extend a hand of frendship to these people coming to this country and help keep them out of the hands of the corrupt.Unfortunatly there is not much more I or any americans can do here.I am always glad to help anyone and also assist in any legal or other personal problems they may have.This kind of slavery is not accepted in this country and there are always alternitives.Please feel free to contact me if you know of such persons in need.Prostitution is legal in only one state here,but forcing someone to work is not legal anywhere here.So I ask all people coming to this country,ask for help,someone can help,but only if they know help is needed.I have tried to help american prostitutes I have met but they did not want help,for them it is easy money.So just ask,we have people that speak all languages.
Sincerly Chuck C.
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Old 7th October 2000, 04:46
JasonM JasonM is offline
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Just a note, Prostitution in itself is not legal in any state(they call it something else there...lol). You are probably referring to the Nevada State loophole whih allows brothel type settlements to operate in select outskirts. They are not allowed to advertise in any way. I know of a great outreach program that helps many people around the world with a great care for "lost" women/teens. If anyone is wanting more info send me an email at work... GreatPCs@yahoo.com ... I will give you all the info you need.

With a little research, anything can be discovered.
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Old 7th October 2000, 09:51
CHUCK_C CHUCK_C is offline
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Thanks Jason,
I stand corrected on the "legal" issue and as you have also shown,help is available to all that seek in many forms.
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Old 10th November 2000, 04:57
TxBlondy2 TxBlondy2 is offline
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I also saw the 60 Minutes News Show about Russian women wanting to become models that signed contracts to do so for the European and American markets and then were taken out of their country to Israel to become prostitutes.

These women are being held captive to perform "duties" of which they did not agree to, but see no way out and fear them men that keep control of them. The Israelis make them fear the police so bad that they hide from them during police raids.

I found this absolutely appalling that they are being held in a country that should know first hand about citizens being subdued and forced into "labor camps".
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