Play a Round of Golf in Russia

Up until recently golf was considered to be more of a novelty in Russia than a serious professional sport. However, with the recent addition of the Russian Open to the European Tour, more and more Russians are starting to see golf for what it really is – a sport that requires skill and patience and which can bring about rich rewards. More and more people are making their way across increasing numbers of greens in pursuit of the ultimate game of golf in Russia, following in the footsteps of those who first enjoyed the game in ancient Scotland.

It would seem that sport in Russia has always by and large been made popular by the ruling figures of the country. Ballet and other ancient forms of the arts were heavily sponsored and supported by the monarchy and so it quickly became one of the top cultural activities in the country. Not quite as long ago, Boris Yeltsin, the first president of Russia, picked up a tennis racket and just one decade later tennis has become a popular sporting activity across the country. Enthusiasts thus speculate that if the current president, Vladimir Putin, were to head to the greens, the concept of golf in Russia would cease to be a ‘foreign’ concept to locals. Whether or not that does happen, it would seem that the sport is set to enjoy increased popularity amongst Russians across the country. And with the search for Russia’s first elite golfing legend currently underway, it is hoped that one day Russia will be able to compete in massive golfing tournaments - such as the European Tour – on home grounds with a hope to bringing glory to Russia.

Meanwhile Russian golf is slowly gaining fans as more and more top-notch golf courses open to the public. Three golf courses in particular are suitably promoted as offering an excellent round of golf. These are the ‘Moscow City Golf Club’, the ‘Le Meridian Moscow Country Club’ and the ‘Moscow Golf Club in Krylatskoe’. If you are an avid golfer, why not explore these courses and discover the different challenges that Russia’s beautiful natural environment throws at you? You will surely find that their courses are as good as the top courses in many other countries.


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