Moscow Golf Club in Krylatskoe

The Moscow Golf Club in Krylatskoe is the newest addition to the golf courses in Russia, with construction having started in the year 2004. It is located on a breathtaking piece of land that covers a fifty-five hectare area in the Moscow River’s flood lands. Its tranquil atmosphere and spectacular landscapes have already seen many golfers consider the Moscow Golf Club in Krylatskoe to be a favorite amongst the golf courses in Russia.

Still in its developmental stages, the Krylatskoe Golf Club does have more than enough room to accommodate an eighteen-hole golf course, but has at present only made nine holes available to players. Designers strategically placed the first three holes of this beautiful course along the river, with many players getting caught up in the magic of the surroundings. But it is hardly an easy course, with the landscape giving players a combination of long flat stretches, together with hills, bunkers, natural water obstacles, bushes, high grass and dense tree lines. Both amateurs and professional golfers will find the course to be relaxing, enjoyable and challenging. Future plans for the Krylatskoe Golf Club include a mini golf area and computer simulator facility. There is a driving range at the club that accommodates ten players simultaneously. The club would also like to focus on the development of players and promoting the sport to younger enthusiasts. Planning therefore includes the establishment of a school and golf clinics, where young and old can receive instruction and training from professional golf instructors.

Even though the club is focused on golf and the expansion of golfing facilities, they have also constructed two swimming pools, training halls, badminton courts, tennis courts and offer billiards at the club. This increases the membership of the club and allows members to enjoy a range of sports. It also makes it more convenient for families, as everyone is able to enjoy the sport of their choice.

The Moscow Golf Club in Krylatskoe offers the golfer a wonderfully designed golf course to relax on, and invites all sporting enthusiasts to pop in and take a look at the many facilities that they have. With all the plans and future developments that are being worked on, the Krylatskoe Golf Club is bound to be known as one of the top sporting establishments in the country.


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