Hiking in Russia - An Unforgettable Adventure

If you love nature and are physically fit, there is really no better way to get out amongst the wonders of nature than to go hiking. Also known as trekking, hiking is an enjoyable activity that will help you to immerse yourself in nature in a fun and enjoyable way. It will take you away from the hustle and bustle of city life to a place where the trees grow thick and animals roam freely. Russia is certainly no different and there are a number of excellent companies which have been established to offer first-rate Russian hiking or Russian trekking tours.

Because of the rugged nature of Russian hiking trails – especially those in the unspoiled taiga forests of Siberia or the mountains of the Caucasus – these companies will also provide your hiking party with a reliable and knowledgeable guide who will ensure that you stay safe and don’t get lost while enjoying the great Russian outdoors. These guides know the wilderness and the animals that live here and they can help you to enjoy both factors with minimal environmental impact. Most hiking trails feature campsites where you can either use a bungalow or pitch a tent for the night. During the evening, hikers usually enjoy gathering around the campfire and telling stories as they enjoy a steaming cup of coffee or tasty treat they may have brought with them. Of course, hiking is not all that easy since you have to carry your provisions with you. But if you are reasonably fit, enjoy walking and know how to pack light, you will find that hiking is a great way to unwind after the stresses of life.

The best part of hiking in Russia is undoubtedly the untouched wilderness and landscape variety. You may find yourself enjoying the shelter of beautiful evergreen forests, climbing mountains and steppes or enjoying the refreshment of mountain lakes, rivers and mineral springs. You may spot bears, elk, eagles or even a Siberian tiger, depending on what sort of hike you are doing. The valleys are carpeted by beautiful wildflowers and small ethnic villages offer a treat of a different sort. There is simply no substitute for it. So make sure that you book yourself on a hiking trail in Russia and enjoy the amazing abundance that nature has to offer.


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