Hiking Mount Iremel and Mount Taganai

Hiking in the Southern Urals gives you the opportunity not only to hike but also to climb two mountains, that being Mount Iremel and Mount Taganai. The entire hike takes nine days, so pack well, and starts off in Ekaterinburg. On your first day you are given the chance to rest and clean up in a hotel where you are also given lunch. From there you are given a tour around Ekaterinburg as well as a chance to stop and look around the museum.

All meals for that day, as well as breakfast on day two, are provided at the hotel. From there you go to Tyulyuk, a village that is approximately 420 km away from Ekaterinburg. On the way to the village you are given the opportunity to see Kyshtym, Karabash, Miass, Zlatoust and Satka. At lunchtime you are spoilt for scenery as you eat beside one of the most beautiful lakes, with waters similar to that of lake Baikal, which are wonderfully clean. At Tyulyuk you will be provided with accommodation and dinner.

Day three you do a little more hiking to the foot of Mount Iremel where your tents will be put up. Mount Iremel is 1582 metres high and is one of the most magnificent mountains in the southern Urals. Mount Iremel is made up of two peaks, Big Iremel at 1 582 meters and Small Iremel at 1 400 meters. This mountain is compared to Mount Olympus and is viewed as important. As you climb to the top of Mount Iremel you will pass through different environmental zones and will be spoilt with delightful smells from the forest herbs. You are also given an opportunity to dip into the mountain spring called the “water of life”. To climb Mount Iremel you will need hiking boots and warm, waterproof clothing to make your hike pleasant.

Day four you take it easy with a lovely Russian bath back in Tyulyuk village; again you spend the night in the tourist centre. On day five you move to Zlatoust town, also known as the “city of the winged steed”, in the Chelyabinsk region. You will find a winged steed made by Bushuey’s blade, which is the city’s emblem. After lunch you hike to the foot of the Mount Taganai and spend the night there in tents. Day six you climb first to Otkliknoi ridge, 1 155 meters high, and then to Mount Kruglitsa at 1 178 meters high. After this grueling hike you will return back to camp to rest for the night.

Day seven you do a little more climbing to Dalnii Taganai ridge, which is 1 112 metres high, and then you will return back to camp. Day eight you return back to Zlatoust to visit the museum. From there you will again journey back to Ekaterinburg and have lunch; afterwards visiting the Sugomakskaya cave found near the town Kyshtym. That evening you will be accommodated in a hotel where you will have a farewell dinner. Day nine the hike to Mount Iremel and Mount Taganai is finally over and from there you will be transferred to the airport to be flown back home.


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